Programme Objectives

The program offers courses that endeavor to develop students’ knowledge and skills in a wide range of interdisciplinary studies such as design, management, marketing, media and communication, and information technology. The program provides students with an understanding of design and communication oriented management education by:

  1. Preparing students for the interdisciplinary nature of design management that includes product, information, and environmental design.
  2. Helping students of design and management building up their strengths and create competitive products.
  3. Developing students basic knowledge, understanding, and skills related to research, reading, and synthesis of design and management.
  4. Developing students knowledge of a range of business and management principles.
  5. Enabling students to apply taught techniques, knowledge, and personal understanding of real-world business and management scenarios.
  6. Cultivate the concept that the practice of design is a creative activity that immensely influences business development and growth.

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Among the beneficiaries of the Master of Design Management program are:

  1. Bachelor degree holders in the areas of Design and Applied Arts, Fine Arts, Architecture, Information Technology, Management, Business Administration, different engineering specializations and other related fields.
  2. Local and regional academic institutions; industrial, service, and business establishments; companies associated with advertising, architectural and interior design, industrial design, fashion and textile design, and other fine and applied arts.

Programme Goals

The main goals of the Master's of Design Management Programme are to:

  1. Make available the design management program to different organizations that consider design to be a strategic competitive force.
  2. Meet the growing demand for advanced skills in design management and leadership in the various services and business.
  3. Prepare graduates to meet the growing needs for management of advanced design technology and implementation of new management approaches.
  4. Establish the College of Art and Design as a specialized research centre for design management.
  5. Establish an effective infrastructure and a strong scientific basis to connect academic institutions with various industrial and services sectors in order to provide students and professionals working in the design sector with practical experience.
  6. Fill the gap that exists due to the absence of such a necessary program at both local and regional levels.

Award Requirements

The Master of Design Management degree is awarded upon fulfillment of the following requirements:

  1. Fulfilling all the conditions predetermined in the regulations for the Master’s Programme.
  2. Successfully completing remedial and additional courses assigned by the Graduate Studies Committee.
  3. Completing a minimum of 36 credit hours of Master Degree courses.

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