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Programme Description

Locations: Barcelona - Madrid - Online - Valencia

Hours: Weekend

Qualification: Master in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy issued by ISEP

The Master in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy offers concrete answers to new educational challenges. The interculturality in the classrooms and the inclusion of students with learning difficulties poses a new scenario in which the psycho-pedagogical professional is the key element to achieve a more inclusive and transversal educational system.

With practical exemplifications and diagnostic and intervention guidelines both in the early childhood and primary and secondary stages, the master presents psychopedagogical resources for interculturality, tools for diagnosis and intervention in behavioral disorders, mediation techniques in the resolution of conflicts and training in neuroeducation and educational coaching .

Through different training itineraries, ISEP provides an exhaustive tour of the main learning difficulties and disorders, analyzing in depth their causes with the aim of addressing psychopedagogical attention to children with difficulties.

Master's Programme in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy

  • Psychopedagogical evaluation and intervention.
  • Attention to diversity.
  • Neuroeducation
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • New technologies applied to the educational intervention.
  • Psychopedagogical resources for interculturality.
  • Diagnosis and intervention in behavioral disorders.
  • Techniques for behavior modification in the classroom.
  • Behavior modification techniques: advice to parents.
  • Mediation processes in conflict resolution.
  • Bullying and cyberbullying.
  • Positive psychology
  • Educational coaching
  • Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.
  • Values ââand emotions: strategies of education in the classroom.
  • Practices / Practice Report
  • Final work of master

The completion of the Master's Degree in Therapeutic Psychology and the completion of the Master 's Degree in Special Education entails the achievement of the Master in Intervention in Learning Difficulties .

Competences of the Master in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy

  • You will critically understand the causes of cultural differences, migratory movements and inequalities in modern societies, and assess the main measures of attention to diversity and its application in schools.
  • Interpret the background, evolution and theoretical foundations of the area of ââstudies on violence, in general, and behavior problems in the classroom, in particular for their subsequent intervention.
  • You will identify and intervene on the most frequent behavior problems in the classroom.
  • You will advise parents, teachers and professors in the consultations and orientations requested from the school and the home.
  • You will interpret the conflict and the different ways of understanding and managing it.
  • You will identify situations of bullying and cyberbullying, in addition to developing the application of prevention in the educational centre.
  • You will recognize and analyse the key aspects of Positive Psychology.
  • You will know the main skills that characterize an educational coach.
  • You will have a complete set of practical tools to assess and intervene in case of AD / HD.
  • You will implement emotional education activities in the classroom.

Recipients of the Master in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy

The Master in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy is aimed at educational professionals such as teachers, professors, speech therapists, psychologists, pedagogues and psycho-pedagogues, and other professionals from social and health fields such as social educators, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, etc.

Work - Master in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy

Students can develop their professional career in different areas: intervention of students with learning problems, advice on resources and organisation for attention to diversity, private advisory cabinets for individuals and educational institutions with functions to help students with school failure, special education centers, development of resources and programs for intervention in learning difficulties, specialized personal guidance, etc.

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