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Programme Description


The Master in Tax Advice is the postgraduate program with the greatest experience at the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol in Seville, our flagship since the Cajasol Foundation decided to support the creation of its own business school 30 years ago in the city of Seville.

This Master offers students the experience and techniques necessary to become a professional tax consultant, with a broad and complete vision of the national tax system and the international tax environment. In this way, students who take our master's degree in advice have one of the most recognized and quoted titles in the labour market of our country, which is a clear and advantageous distinction over the rest of professionals that make up the current world of work.

In a parallel and integrated way, you will be able to complete the University Master's degree in the practice of law online, following the requirements that Law 34/2006 of October 30 on access to the professions of attorney and attorney of the Courts and its Regulations Development requires law graduates to be able to enrol and practice the legal profession.

Who is the Master in Tax Advice in Seville of IE Cajasol aimed at?

The Master in Tax Advice is focused on young graduates and / or graduates in Law, Economics or Business Administration and Management. In addition to their academic knowledge that will be transferred to their most practical aspect, an awake and collaborative attitude is expected in them, with professional concerns and a high capacity for effort to devote full attention to the Master.

Contact with the most prestigious tax advisors

Among the main assets that make the Master in Tax Advice in Seville of IE Cajasol a postgraduate degree superior to any other program of the same theme, is the enormous quality of its Faculty. Through their teachers, the student maintains regular contact with professional circles related to the tax field, an aspect of great importance that is evident from the Master's Director, Joaquín Pérez Berengena, a relevant expert in the tax field directly connected to the currently through his position as Tax Member in the Regional Economic-Administrative Court of Andalusia. Next to him, the rest of the teaching staff is made up of great professionals from the Public Administration and other recognized companies of the national and international scope such as PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, Garrigues, Montero Aramburu, Altius MA or CMS, among others.

Interdisciplinary vision in direct contact with professional reality

Thanks to this constant connection with business reality and its eminently practical orientation, this training goes beyond a Master's Degree in Taxation, since it offers topical content, transmitting any news that occurs in terms of taxation and tax law. The program thus manages to form an interdisciplinary vision of all areas (accounting, civil and commercial) that indirectly affect the professional activity of a tax advisor. Together with them, students also receive classes on professional deontology and seminars on current issues organized by the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol of Seville for active professionals.

Professional contacts and internships in companies

The professionals who train the student during the Master in Tax Advice act at the same time as scouts to select the best and incorporate them into their workforce. In this way, the student can establish important contacts with employers thanks to the proximity with quoted professional circles and at the end of the Master's degree they can develop a period of professional practices in one of those companies.

Methodology of the Master in Tax Advice

  • Case method: connection with the real problem of tax advice

Given the dynamic nature of the Master in Tax Advice, the master class model as the only teaching method is outdated. For this reason, all the subjects are transmitted from their most practical aspect and through the resolution of cases, so that the student learns based on the application of knowledge about real situations that they must solve for themselves, offering solutions that require a proactivity and maturity beyond the manual.

  • Development of qualities for teamwork

The methodology drives group collaboration to achieve common goals and the assumption of responsibilities in decision-making that affect team members. At the same time, the student develops important capacities for analysis, interpretation, contextualization and argumentation within the current tax advice.

Evaluation system

The postgraduate programs of Instituto de Estudios Cajasol require great dedication and effort. The requirement to the student and his high preparation at the end of the Master's Degree are the guarantees of our training before companies.

Internship in the Master in Tax Advice in Seville at IE Cajasol

The advantages of pursuing the Master in Tax Advice at the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol do not end after the completion of the course, they continue with the possibility of doing internships in our collaborating companies.

The Institute's Practices System guarantees the perfect adaptation between the student's expectations at the end of the Master's Degree and those of the company. Our postgraduate programs include complementary training in professional skills, managerial skills, job guidance, interview simulation, reproduction of real work situations and experiences of real companies. This global training of our students makes the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol quarry for the best offices, consultancies, agencies and companies in all fields.

100% of the students who attend one of our Masters have the opportunity to practice in our more than 400 collaborating companies; Of these, more than 25% are hired by the host companies. And 4 out of 5 find work in just one year after internships.

An unbeatable opportunity to successfully start the professional career.

Last updated Sep 2019

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Durante sus 30 años de historia el Instituto de Estudios Cajasol ha sido reconocido como una de las mejores escuelas de negocios nacionales, especialmente dentro del ámbito andaluz con cuyas empresas ... Read More

Durante sus 30 años de historia el Instituto de Estudios Cajasol ha sido reconocido como una de las mejores escuelas de negocios nacionales, especialmente dentro del ámbito andaluz con cuyas empresas ha mantenido un contacto más estrecho. Read Less