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Programme Description

Locations: Barcelona - Madrid - Valencia

Hours: Madrid / Valencia SD Barcelona MXJ

Qualification: Master in Special Education issued by ISEP


The current educational context requires professionals who can support students with special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, high abilities, intellectual disability, sensory or motor deficits, literacy difficulties, etc.) seeking maximum integration.

The Master in Special Education is designed to acquire the skills for the early detection of learning difficulties and to define, evaluate and develop strategies and intervention techniques. Likewise, it prepares you so that you can guide teaching teams in an educational centre to respond to the needs of their students.

Through different training itineraries, ISEP provides an exhaustive tour of the main learning difficulties and disorders, analyzing in depth their causes with the aim of addressing psychopedagogical attention to children with difficulties.

Master's Programme in Special Education

  • Psychopedagogical evaluation and intervention.
  • Attention to diversity.
  • Neuroeducation
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • New technologies applied to the educational intervention.
  • Early intervention and psychopedagogical intervention.
  • High capacities.
  • Intellectual disability
  • Learning strategies.
  • Students with motor deficits.
  • Students with visual deficits.
  • Students with hearing deficits.
  • Processes and difficulties in oral expression.
  • Processes and difficulties in learning to read and write.

Practices / Practice Report

Final work of master

The completion of the Master in Special Education plus the completion of the Master in Therapeutic Psychopedagogy involves the achievement of the Master in Intervention in Learning Difficulties

Competences of the Master in Special Education

  • You will analyse the causes that alter the learning processes to adjust the psychopedagogical attention required by each child with special needs.
  • You will evaluate, through different instruments and diagnostic tests, each learning difficulty detected.
  • You will know the instruments of observation and registration to detect behaviors and habits to be modified in the classroom.
  • You will design the strategies for the prevention of these difficulties and will guide the teaching team of the school about the techniques, resources and methodology to apply.
  • You will establish psychopedagogical intervention programs in different educational contexts to favor the integration of students with special needs, taking into account the available resources.
  • You will use new technologies as a tool for diagnosis, exploration and psychopedagogical intervention.
  • You will have the necessary resources to attend students with motor and sensory deficits in the classroom.
  • You will develop specific intervention programs for students with difficulties in different areas of learning (reading, writing and oral language).

Recipients of the Master's Degree in Special Education

The Master in Special Education is aimed primarily at professionals in the educational field (teachers, teachers, speech therapists, psychologists, pedagogues and educational psychologists) and professionals in social and health fields (social educators, social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists and other specialists). in responding to current learning difficulties through a specialized educational approach.

Work - Master in Special Education

With your specific training you can work on the intervention of students with learning problems, advice on resources to teaching teams both in private advisory cabinets to individuals and / or educational institutions, as in special education centers or educational centers, developing resources and programs for intervention in learning difficulties.

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