Master in Professional Image Consulting


Programme Description


The professional image consultancy course with a European Expert degree is an exclusive course in the field of personal and corporate image. This program stems from professional demand in the sector of advice for companies and users.

Through the image we communicate and transmit values and an identity to the outside. That is why the professional image consultant acts both personally and corporately; Your knowledge and skills will allow you to respond to the needs of communication, coherence and dissemination of the image to achieve the culmination of success.

The Master in Professional Image Consulting course prepares you to be a professional capable of developing global projects related to image. The training program gives you the tools to improve your professional skills, attitudes and aptitudes, as well as technical and theoretical abilities.

The image consultant acts on a personal level advising on styling, beauty, protocol and knowing how to be, reinforcing and improving the image and personality of the individual. At the business level he acts as a professional image consultant, branding, identity and corporate communication. Make and coordinate events that position and differentiate companies.

In Ártidi we train passionate, creative and capable professionals to change the perception of the consumer looking for innovation to achieve success and business and personal performance.

The Master is an exclusive course of Ártidi and consists of its own degree with national and international competences recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP and TrendsSchool.

The Master in Professional Image Consulting has a duration of 415 hours, is structured in 4 training modules and a final project in which theory and practice are combined. Each of these modules incorporates a percentage of hours devoted to the expansion of complementary knowledge (CACC) that values the work of students in each of the projects carried out.


  • Learn the professional skills of the professional image consultant.
  • Define and use the right tools for professional image consulting.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out the process of personal and corporate advice.
  • Implement and carry out real projects both personally and corporately.
  • Work on the capacity for innovation and creativity in the implementation of image consulting projects.
  • Reach a solid foundation to develop the professional career nationally and internationally.
  • Personal image consultants:
    • Identify and know the clients, their preferences, profession and day to day to be able to carry out the projects successfully.
    • Work on aspects related to image projection, styling, beauty, protocol and knowing how to be.
    • Improve and enhance the image and style taking into account the concepts of colour, lines and shapes, as well as its symbology in makeup and hair.
    • Apply new trends in fashion, image and beauty in the projects developed.
    • Acquire the knowledge to develop the activity of Personal Shopper.
  • Corporate Image Consulting:
  • Know the different areas of action: communication, intervention of spaces, corporate image, protocol and collective image.
  • Define the strategies and elements of corporate identity.
  • Develop the concepts necessary to redefine the name, logo and symbols that identify a company.
  • Collaborate in the management and organisation of corporate events.
  • Create and establish corporate image manuals.

The Plús de Ártidi

  • Programme with real theory and practices.
  • The teaching team of Ártidi is made up of professionals from the active sector.
  • At Ártidi, we conduct annual In Company training in companies from different sectors. This contact with the companies allows us to adapt our training programs to the reality of the current market thus covering the needs of the companies.
  • Ártidi has optimal facilities for professional image consultancy training (hair zone
  • We allocate a part of the annual budget to research, innovation and to renew our job board.
  • At the end of the course, a professional counsellor advises students about work outings taking into account their studies; Professional experience and a personalized SWOT analysis.
  • Small groups to offer more personalized training.
  • In Ártidi we have exceeded 200 appearances in different national and international media that point us as pointers in the training we provide.


The teaching team is composed of professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

  • Frigola sea
  • Silvia Foz
  • Mercy Guzman
  • Iñigo Gómez
  • Gemma Fillol
  • Montserrat Borrell
  • Fausto Leoni
  • Esther Parra
  • Roberto Dominguez
  • Susana Torralbo (Masterclass)
  • Mireia González
  • Carlos Van Oosterzee
  • Raquel Buenaventura
  • Diana Galí
  • Anna Hernando

Consult the guidance department of the professors of each edition.

What can you contribute

  • Management of multidisciplinary teams of personal and corporate image consulting.
  • Innovative techniques to create trends in image consulting.
  • Select professionals involved in the execution of image, beauty and styling advice (makeup artists, hairdressers, etc.).
  • Carry out diagnoses of the clients' needs according to social profile and work activity.
  • Evaluation of the results of the entire change process in costumes.
  • Prepare advice and continuity plans according to client.
  • Advise on fashion styling for catalogs, parades, showrooms, cinema, theatre and television.
  • Specialized training in Professional Shopper.
  • Train store personnel in personal shopper knowledge and personal image advice.
  • Participate in the creation of the corporate identity manual and assist in its adoption process.
  • Perform diagnoses of the needs of companies based on market analysis.
  • Influence the improvement of the corporate image of the company.
  • Achieve an improvement in the social positioning of the company.
  • Motivate the company's staff to adopt the changes implemented in image.
  • Coordinate the work of: graphic designers, publicists, communication managers, etc. Towards the same direction.
  • Propose new forms of visual communication to companies.

Collaborating Companies

More than 70 National and International companies collaborate with Ártidi. Through these agreements and our involvement and innovation allows our students to be present in companies such as INDITEX, Armani, Hugo Boss, Custo Barcelona, Cortefiel, Springfield, Nike, Adidas, H

Degree and Accreditation

Professional Qualification: Double degree in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting.

Degree: Master in Professional Image Consulting

Accreditation: Professional Card Master in Professional Image Consulting.

Awarded by Ártidi Superior School. National and international professional skills.

Last updated Mar 2020

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