Master in Photography Management


Programme Description


The director of photography is the professional responsible for the artistic creation of images for the staging of film, television and audiovisual productions. To carry out this work, it will carry out decisions regarding lighting, optics, framing and composition or textures with the clear objective of collaborating in the creation of the image.


To access the master, it is necessary to present a portfolio and carry out a personal interview. Based on the candidate's skills and knowledge, the ESCAC Art department will decide if it requires taking any of the two blocks of the complementary training.

Who is it for?

Graduates or Graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Fine Arts or other university-level degrees related to the audiovisual field. Professionals from the cinematographic or audiovisual sector who want to deepen their knowledge of the direction of cinematographic photography.


  • Design the style and visual approach to the project and achieve the desired aesthetic. —Design lighting that reinforces the script in a narrative and dramatic way for each set / location.
  • Monitor the overall image of the scene. —Research and develop conceptual designs and reach an aesthetic consensus with the rest of the departments.
  • Being able to take responsibility for the artistic creation of the images for the staging of any audiovisual work.
  • Being able to lead a human team and make the appropriate technical and aesthetic decisions in a real shooting environment — Acquire the appropriate technical knowledge to face any project and with the necessary security that a team leader must show.
  • Know the tools and procedures of the current film industry.


Practical classes: they take place on one of the ESCAC sets. Each student will carry out three different practices in three different filming formats (S16mm, 35mm and ARRI Alexa (2K). The sessions will be supervised by active professionals in the industry who will help the student to plan the practice. Two days a week, the Students, divided into three groups of 8 people, carry out their individual practices through the technical and material support that the same school provides.

Group viewing and analysis of all the practices carried out during the course. Theoretical and theoretical practical classes.

Thematic classes: a professional of the specialty delves into a field related to photography (post-production, colour grading, VFX, advertising ...)

External visits

Students will make visits to:

  • A light rental house with the assistance of a gaffer
  • Color room with the presence of a colorist
  • Postproduction company for colour and CGI effects
  • Company of design and manufacture of LED lights.

Why become part of the ESCAC Community?

You will become part of the ESCAC Community, which will allow you to develop your talent in an environment where creative spaces and interaction between graduates of different promotions are promoted. Did you know that Javier Ruiz Caldera continues to shoot his films with ESCAC colleagues? The same as Juan Antonio Bayona, Mar Coll, Kike Maíllo, Patricia Font ... because ESCAC does not end when you finish your studies, the Community continues in the professional sector.

This is the best time in history to dedicate yourself to Audiovisual: there has never been such a variety of screens at the service of so many users. These screens need content to supply products to a global audience, and consequently, large technology companies invest in audiovisual creation.

ESCAC talent. Graduates with nationally and internationally recognized careers have been trained at our school. Film directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, VFX supervisors ... Look at the credits of the movies and series, you will find in them a lot of ESCAC talent.

Our pedagogical system is based on learning by doing. We want you to learn by doing, and you will do it accompanied by the best professionals in the sector.

At ESCAC we train storytellers. We will teach you to tell your story regardless of the specialty you have chosen.

The works of graduates and the school's producer (ESCAC Films) have been recognized with more than 500 national and international awards:

  • Year after year our graduates are among the nominees for the Goya and Gaudí Awards, obtaining 20 Goya Awards and more than 30 Gaudí Awards.
  • In addition, they have won important awards at international festivals: Award for Best International Short Film awarded by the Sundance Festival (2006), or third prize at Cinefoundation - awarded by the Cannes Festival (2015).

At ESCAC we have the collaboration of large companies and institutions that participate in the training of our students. Movistar, Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, SGAE Foundation, Cinesa, Zeta Cinema, Film Factory, Filmax, Deaplaneta, Mediaset, etc.

International campus: In these 25 years, more than 5,500 students of 23 different nationalities have passed through our campus, which contribute to the cultural and community enrichment.

Our school is recognized by CILECT (an organisation that brings together the best film schools worldwide), and we are the only one in the state with official recognition.

ESCAC trains its students based on transversal competences, providing knowledge and tools to develop a subsequent professional activity in any field of content creation.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

El cine no se estudia, se aprende. Centro Universitario con titulación oficial lider en la formación de cineastas. Por nuestras aulas han pasado profesionales de la talla de J.A.Bayona (Director de J ... Read More

El cine no se estudia, se aprende. Centro Universitario con titulación oficial lider en la formación de cineastas. Por nuestras aulas han pasado profesionales de la talla de J.A.Bayona (Director de Jurassic World II), Oscar Faura (DP de Imitation Game), Bernat Vilaplana ( Montador de Hellboy II), Oriol Tarrago (Diseñador de sonido de Jurassic World 2), Kike Maillo (Diretor de EVA), Marc Coll (Directora de 3 días con la Familia) y más de 40 premios Goya, Gaudi, Bafta y Ariel entre otros. Read Less