Master in Organization Management


Programme Description

Since its creation, the University Foundation of San Gil –UNISANGIL– has the mission of contributing to the development of society at the local and regional level with a global vision, through participation in the integral formation of people, the production and application of knowledge and the social interaction. Consistent with this principle, the institution develops academic training processes at the undergraduate and graduate levels consistent with the needs and requirements of the communities and regions where it is present.

This is how UNISANGIL presents the Master in Organization Management, an academic program attached to the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, whose origin is related to the High Quality Accreditation of undergraduate programs in Business Administration (Resolution 021081 of December 2015 ) and Public Accounting (Resolution 05421 of April 2015).

This academic program is a complement to the training processes offered since the Specialization in Finance (San Gil - Chiquinquirá); Specialization in Strategic Financial Administration (Yopal); Specialization in Strategic Marketing (San Gil - Chiquinquirá) and Specialization in Tourism Competitiveness (San Gil). This constitutes a strategy of integration and relevance of the academic offer with the economic, political and social needs not only of San Gil, Yopal and Chiquinquirá as provincial development centers, but of all the surrounding municipalities.

As a master's degree in depth, the program has the purpose of delving into the specific areas of knowledge related to Senior Management, Organization, Direction and Management. This seeks the development of skills that allow the solution of problems in organizations, as well as the analysis of particular disciplinary, interdisciplinary and professional situations that occur in the regional and national environment.


The objective of the Master's Programme in Management of Organizations of UNISANGIL is: "The integral training of the Master in Senior Management, Organization, Direction and Management, for the solution of problems of organizations".


Instrumentalize and apply the knowledge learned in organizations, developing through their curricular structure the capacity for criticism, analysis, synthesis and discussion, through the deepening of knowledge in Senior Management, Organization, Management and Management, strengthening the development and integral growth, in a regional and national context.


In the year 2022 we are a Master's program recognized at regional and national level, for the development and improvement of management strategies, decision making and conflict resolution; forming teachers with critical thinking, skills and attitudes of applied research, which allow the diagnosis and solution of organizational problems.126794_pexels-photo-3184291.jpeg fauxels / pexels


Semester I
Subject Credits
Management and organizational management 3
Strategic management two
Macroeconomic and economic context of organizations two
Financial and Accounting Management of the organisation 3
Grade I Seminar two
Total Credits 12
Semester II
Subject Credits
Strategic Management of the Human Resource 3
Organization Valuation 3
Design, organizational creativity and innovation two
Decision making two
Grade II seminar two
Total Credits 12
Semester III
Subject Credits
International Management 3
marketing management 3
Legal Context of the Organization two
Elective seminar two
Grade III seminar two
Total Credits 12
Semester IV
Subject Credits
Management Skills Workshop 3
Elective seminar 3
Elective seminar 3
Grade IV seminar 3
Total Credits 12

Admission profile

The UNISANGIL Master in Organization Management program is directed towards four specific types of population:

  1. The professionals graduated from UNISANGIL.
  2. Graduates of other institutions of higher education in the region or the country.
  3. Specialists from various branches of knowledge, whether from UNISANGIL, or from other institutions of higher education in the region or the country.
  4. The professionals who are occupying middle and high level positions in the organizations of the region and the country, aware of the need for integral and systemic organizational growth.

All applicants to pursue the Master will have an academic and occupational interview, prior to admission.

Graduation profile

The Master in Organization Management, aims to train leaders with strategic thinking, professionals with a vision of the future, creators and innovators, with critical positions and capable of responding to the challenges and organizational challenges of the future.

Our graduates will have knowledge of the national and international environment, of geopolitics, and of the management of prospective tools that allow them to develop better levels of competence in organizations.

Admission requirements

  • Photocopy Certificate or Undergraduate Diploma
  • Photocopy of the identity document, expanded to 150%
  • Two (2) 3x4 colour photos
  • Membership or EPS or Sisben card
  • Submit an interview with the Graduate Coordinator of the Faculty

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

UNISANGIL es una entidad de educación superior centrada en la investigación, extensión y formación de su comunidad. Somos una institución de educación superior de origen y acción solidarios que contri ... Read More

UNISANGIL es una entidad de educación superior centrada en la investigación, extensión y formación de su comunidad. Somos una institución de educación superior de origen y acción solidarios que contribuye al desarrollo de la sociedad en los ámbitos local y regional con visión global, mediante la participación en la formación integral de personas, la investigación y la interacción social. Read Less