Master in Neurorehabilitation


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Programme Description

Locations: Barcelona - Madrid - Valencia

Schedule: SD 2 years duration / Intensive Valencia VSD 1 year

Qualification: Master in Neurorehabilitation issued by ISEP

Master in Neurorehabilitation

There are many professionals needed to address neurological injuries (neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, nurses, psychiatrists, neurologists, rehabilitative doctors, etc.), however it is impossible to face a therapeutic approach without a holistic approach focused on the person and of a transdisciplinary nature such as the one offered by the Master in Neurorehabilitation of ISEP, pioneer for its interdisciplinary nature.

The daily clinic with neurological patients manifests the need within our society to have both clinical and research professionals who are trained with excellence in the field of neuroscience and neurorehabilitation.

The Master in Neurorehabilitation will allow the development of the neurorehabilitation's own abilities in its different interdisciplinary aspects, as well as to know the neurorehabilitation techniques of the different areas of intervention.

In addition, ISEP offers you the possibility of completing this Master in a single year thanks to its intensive format at ISEP Valencia. Or, perform it in two years.

The ISEP methodology combines practical learning and theoretical knowledge in a dynamic and participatory way.

Master's Programme in Neurorehabilitation

  • Basic aspects of functional neurology, neuroanatomy and pharmacology.
  • Neurological injury in the adult. Neurorehabilitation in the adult.
  • Neurological injury in the child. Neurorehabilitation in the child.
  • Basic concepts in neurological physiotherapy.
  • Rehabilitation techniques in physiotherapy.
  • Basic concepts in neurological speech therapy.
  • Rehabilitation techniques in speech therapy.
  • Clinical aspects of rehabilitation medicine.
  • Basic concepts in neurological occupational therapy.
  • Rehabilitation techniques in occupational therapy.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation techniques (attention and executive function).
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation techniques (language and memory).
  • Research in neurorehabilitation.
  • Holistic and integral neurorehabilitation models.
  • Techniques of neuropsychological rehabilitation (gnosias and praxias). Psychomotor intervention.
  • Clinical cases from neurological physiotherapy.
  • Clinical cases from the neurological logopedia.
  • Intervention of neurobehavioral disorders. Neuropsychology of emotions.
  • Therapies based on sensory integration.
  • Clinical cases from occupational therapy.
  • Approach from clinical psychology and family intervention.
  • Clinical cases from neuropsychology.
  • Complementary therapies I (music therapy and dance therapy).
  • Complementary therapies II (assisted therapy with animals and therapy in aquatic environment).
  • New technologies in neurorehabilitation (virtual reality and computer rehabilitation systems, web platform).
  • Clinical interdisciplinary approach.

Final work of master.

Clinical practices


Recognition of professional interest of the Madrid Association of Neuropsychology.

Codirección - Master in Neurorehabilitation

Olga García Sánchez Clinical neuropsychologist Director of the Comprehensive Care Center for people with brain damage Polibea SUR. President of the Madrid Association of Neuropsychology (AMNP). Coordinator in Madrid of the Masters in Neurorehabilitation and Neurosciences of ISEP. Creator of the Castle of Neuroscience, Counseling in Neurosciences.

Javier Chirivella. Doctor in Psychology. Neuropsychologist President of the Foundation and General Director of FIVAN, Neurological Rehabilitation Center of Valencia. Member of the Clinical Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Society. Founder and Director of the Cerebral Damage Service of NISA Hospitals (1998-2012). He collaborates in the NINE Cerebral Damage Center of Vinalopó and Cerebral Damage Service of the NISA Aguas Vivas Hospital in Valencia.

Competences of the Master in Neurorehabilitation

  • You will learn the basics of neurorehabilitation, both in clinical and research.
  • You will manage the evaluation, the diagnosis and the intervention in each of the disciplines.
  • You will manage an interdisciplinary framework with a holistic approach to the person.
  • You will develop intervention programs, integrating the knowledge of all areas.
  • You will know all the possible techniques that are currently being used to approach neurological patients (always being especially aware of complementary therapies and new technologies).

Recipients of the Master in Neurorehabilitation

The Master in Neurorehabilitation is aimed at graduates in specialties within the framework of health, such as medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology or social work, with prior approval by the master coordinator.

Work - Master in Neurorehabilitation

He works in centers linked to neurorehabilitation with different types of neurological pathologies and aimed at different types of population.

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