Master in Logistics Management


Programme Description

Master in Logistics Management


Our graduate institute was established in 2008. Our major objective is to cultivate talents and equip them with global trade and logistics managerial capabilities. Our research fields include chains and franchising management, logistics management, international business administration, etc. Currently, we have two teams - chains and franchising and global trade and logistics in our graduate institute. After we finish integrating faculty resources, we will have more teams (e.g. international business administration team, etc)


We aim at cultivating talents with integrated knowledge and skills of trade and logistics, independent thinking and problem-solving abilities. We expect our students to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical training so as to provide helpful information to efficiently facilitate top management’s decision-making. With the theoretical knowledge and practical training received, we believe our students could be of help to any organizations right after their graduation.


We have 13 teachers, including 3 professor, 3 associate professors, and 6 assistant professors. Every teacher has his/her master or Ph.D. degree obtained either in domestic or international university and has a specialty in certain academic and research fields. The part-time teachers in our department are either full-time teachers from other universities or experts from industries and all of them have a master degree or above. Faculty of excellence is the most precious assets of our department.

Curriculum Planning

The focus of our graduate institute lies in helping students absorb professional trading and logistics knowledge through theories and practical training with the commonality and professional aspects of both trading and logistics taken care of. Our curriculum is planned as follows:

  1. Core courses (required): Trading Business Topics, Trading and Logistics Managerial Topics, International Logistics Topics, ERP Practical Topics, Research Methods, and Seminars.、

  2. Professional courses (optional): Research on International Economy, Industrial Economy Analysis, International Business Administration Practice, Trading and Banking Topics, International Business Arbitration and Negotiation, Supply Chain and Global Trade and Logistics Management, Warehouse Planning and Operation Analysis, Logistics and Distribution Channel Management, Logistical Distribution System, Transportation Economy, etc.

  3. Essay


We have 1 professional multi-media audio-visual classroom and 2 professional computer labs. We also have related hardware and software installed such as ERP, CRM, 3D virtual business management, data exploration, SPSS statistical analysis, AMOS statistical analysis, BOSS decision-making simulation for business management, KMS, DEA Solver data analysis, ESS market survey, and Chain Store Master.

We also have a professional classroom called Innovation Center for Future Store and a global logistics research centre in order to provide our students a practical environment where they can use as an industry-university cooperation base to practice their shop service delivery and logistics operation. The software we prepare for students is “Decision-Making Simulation System for Chain Stores”, “Decision-Making Simulation System for Multi-Stage Supply Chain”, “Simulation Software for Business Space Design and Planning” and “RFID Application”.

Graduate Institute Operation Development

In order to implement our internal operation and carry out projects related to teaching and research, in addition to our regular monthly departmental meetings, we also created committees, made up by faculty, to take care of different departmental activities. Presently, the committees we have are as follows: curriculum planning committee, students’ appeal-handling committee, student-guidance committee, student rewards and punishments committee, expenditure auditing committee, library committee, wall chart/instrument equipment committee, welfare committee, dietary supervision committee, gender equality education, phone-advisory committee, general affair committee, teaching subsidizing committee, student association instructors, alumni service solicitation committee, enrollment team, R&D committee, performance evaluation committee, etc. Each committee not only takes care of its own business but also cooperates with each other through sufficient communication to achieve overall administrative activities essential to the operation of our graduate institute.

Advanced Education

Regarding pursuing advanced education, our students can continue their Ph.D. education in domestic or international graduate schools and major in industrial engineering and management, business administration, technology management, international trading, international business administration, global trade and logistics management, industrial economy, etc. We have several students currently studying in Ph.D. programs in graduate institutes in Taiwan and overseas.


  1. Jobs in Private Organizations: Our students can apply for jobs in the international section of a trading or distribution company as a salesman or work as a trading clerk, bonded goods clerk, logistics planner, industrial engineer in the factory or logistics department in the technology industry, buyer, warehouse keeper, team leader in the manufacture section or stock keeper.

  2. Public Position: If our students pass the civil service examinations, they can work as industrial engineering technicians, or work in Institute for Information Industry, CPC, Bureau of Foreign Trade, Council for Economic Planning and Development, Customs, etc.
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Embracing the philosophy of holistic education, we are dedicated to cultivating students’ practical skills. Currently, we have three colleges which are the Colleges of Finance, Management and Informat ... Read More

Embracing the philosophy of holistic education, we are dedicated to cultivating students’ practical skills. Currently, we have three colleges which are the Colleges of Finance, Management and Informatics, four graduate schools, 12 departments, 1 departmental team (1??) and 1 degree program. Additionally, we established an on-the-job Master program in 2010. In order to enhance the quality of our teaching staff, professors such as Lee Chia-Tung, Chen Ming-Zhang, Chen Guang-Xian, Xu Sheng-Hsiung, Lin Wei-Yi, Pan Zhao-Xian, Luo Neng-Qing, Hua Ming-Shu, Chen Wen-Xian have been recruited. Read Less