Programme Overview

The BSL Master in International Business (MIB) takes you beyond the academic discovery of business. It enables you to discover your own way of making a difference while forging an exciting path of professional development.

  • You will embark on a personal development journey and will cultivate skills and perspectives that empower you to make meaningful change in the world.
  • You will prepare for a career that fits your strengths and passions and will choose between three program options including an international study exchange in China, participation in the Aim2Flourish business case project with an optional internship, and a cutting-edge specialization in data analytics.
  • You will explore innovative and state-of-the-art business tools and concepts that challenge business-as-usual thinking and offer a different perspective on business as a force for good.

BSL Signature Features

  • Small classes with personalized attention and support from professors
  • Professors who are seasoned and currently active business practitioners and experts in their field
  • International and diverse environment with students from 60 nationalities

Programme Options

Option 1: MIB Classic with Project Management

  • 15 core courses in business and management
  • Specialized courses to prepare you for a successful completion of the IPMA® Project Management Associate certification
  • Capstone Project in the last 6 months - choice of Thesis, Aim2Flourish Case Study (with or without internship), or Applied Business Project
  • Possibility to gain practical experience with an optional internship
  • Flexibility to study in or out of Switzerland in the last 6 months of study

Option 2: MIB Global with Exchange in China

  • 15 core courses in business and management completed at BSL in Switzerland over one year
  • Final 6 months of coursework completed at world-renown Renmin University in Beijing, China.
  • Capstone Project (Thesis) completed in China and supervised by BSL faculty member

Option 4: MIB Classic with CFA Level I Preparation

  • 18 core courses in business and management
  • Curriculum design combining hands-on business learning and a 6-months deep dive into the Financial Analyst specialization
  • Flexibility to study in or out of Switzerland in the last 6 months of study
  • Capstone Project: Preparation for the CFA® Level I Examination


Can I transfer credits to BSL programs?

For our Master programs, it is possible to transfer up to 50 ECTS credits. Credits are awarded for those subjects that correspond to the courses of BSL Master's program. Transfer credits cannot be awarded in lieu of the Capstone component (20 ECTS).

What specializations are available in the Master’s program?
Our Master’s programs do not offer any specializations.
The Master in International Business (MIB) however suggests three different program options: (1) MIB Classic with Project Management, (2) MIB Global Business including a study exchange in Beijing, China, and (3) MIB Hybrid Digital including the completion of an online nano degree “Data Analyst” or “Tech Entrepreneur” ( with the facilitation of a BSL professor.
The Master in International and Sustainable Finance does not offer any specialization, yet it includes a series of 5 preparatory courses for the CFA Level I exam.
What is the language of instruction at BSL?
All courses at BSL are given in English.
How difficult is it to study at BSL?
To study towards any degree at BSL is not easy, but it is a worthwhile experience that will offer enriching learning experiences. Such experiences only exist where every student gives his or her very best effort and is willing to work hard to achieve good results.
What are the requirements to be accepted at BSL?
Please check the admissions criteria for the Master in International Business or Master in International and Sustainable Finance programs.
Besides the administrative papers and letters, you need to show that you are not only interested in management and industry, but that you have an interest in the long-term development and sustainability of the businesses or the organizations you are hoping one day to work in. You need to do at least two things to show that you have these interests: write a motivation letter and attend the interview (by Skype or in person).
First, you must describe in your motivation letter what kind of industry or career you are interested in and why (it can be anything you wish, such as business, fine arts, charities, government, nature, sports, etc.). Also in the motivation letter, you need to explain what you think the skills are that you want to learn in order to become qualified for the industry that interests you.
Second, at the interview, you will be asked to evaluate to what extent you really want to study at BSL. This may surprise you! It is not simply the school that decides if it will accept you, but you must also decide if you accept the school. This means that you must first explore what BSL does. BSL is not just a school to get a degree. BSL is a place where you can enrich your learning experience. So, prepare for the interview by checking online about everything you can find about the school. In order to study at BSL, you will be expected to make a commitment to working hard, and studying and behaving like a professional.
Do you require work experience for the Master’s programs?
No work experience is required to enter the BSL Master’s programs.
What TOEFL score do I need to apply at BSL?
As part of the selection process, successful applicants are interviewed to assess their level of English and their chances of success in the particular program. As a guide, you will need a level of English as follows:
IELTS 6.5; TOEFL 90; TOEIC 800 or equivalent (one test required only)
The BSL TOEFL code is 0018.
Do I need to take the GMAT to enter the Master’s program?
GMAT score is not required for your application for a BSL Master’s program.
Why do other universities ask for the GRE or the GMAT and BSL does not?
These two exams are often required to enter graduate studies in the USA. Graduate studies are studies for the Master’s degree or higher. American universities have agreed on these standard exams in order to screen out applicants who do not respond to these standards, and this is exactly where BSL diverges. You can apply to BSL without the GRE or the GMAT. Besides standards on which many schools insist for their admission, there are two other reasons why BSL does not require these exams, namely because high exam results do not predict who will become excellent business managers, and because at an international school such as BSL, an international standardized exam will not offer a fair chance to all applicants from around the world.
Does BSL offer scholarships?
In the spirit of academic encouragement, BSL is willing to offer scholarships of a maximum of 50% off the tuition for the first three terms of a Master’s program. Applicants are reviewed on an individual basis and are judged according to their academic achievements, personal motivation, and the general positivity that they can add to the school. Merit-based scholarships are then available to high-performing students for the second part of the program.

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BSL Master in International Business