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One of the challenges of the Spanish and Andalusian economy is to increase the degree of internationalization of companies, both public and private. Companies are discovering how this internationalization process is not an option but an obligation: either it is committed to internationalization or it will eventually absorb the company or expel it from the market. It is one of the most intense challenges that involves all business and institutional agents, and also one of the most diverse in action and variety of territories.

The Instituto de Estudios Cajasol responds to this challenge with the Master in International Business, which offers specialized training in internationalization of the economy for university students who leave the labour market.

This need to improve the qualification related to all those aspects that have to do with the process of business internationalization has led us to bet on a new training line, for which we have first-rate teachers, in some university teaching cases and, in others, professionals from companies and administrations involved in the internationalization process that contribute their professional experience in this field.

The general objective of the Master in International Business is to train professionals capable of advising, negotiating and making decisions related to the commercial, productive and investment internationalization of companies, logistics and / or international business in general, in all its variety of markets and opportunities

Who is the Master for?

Graduates interested in deepening the study of the company from the point of view of international business: understanding the international market, the processes of internationalization of companies, knowing the necessary instruments for international business, international marketing, etc.

This Master is designed to enhance the training development of students with different degrees, having passed the same students entitled: Economics, Marketing, Tourism, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration and Management, Asian Studies, Geography, Law, Labor Sciences and Engineers, English Philology, Translation and interpretation, Journalism, among others.

Methodological approaches of the Master

A professional approach to training. Extensive and up-to-date knowledge about the globalization of economies, the internationalization of companies and international business. The Master in International Business program offers the latest knowledge about the international environment, business, commerce and decision-making processes in that area.

Ability to analyse and diagnose the environment and internal aspects of companies. The students of the Master in International Business must know how to prepare, read and interpret the economic evolution of the environment, as well as formalize the diagnoses and internationalization plans of companies.

Eminently practical character. The Master in International Business has a practical nature and aims to serve as a link between the degree or the incorporation and consolidation of professionals in companies that want to do business, trade and operate in international markets.

Management of the necessary tools to analyse, interpret and make decisions. The training will involve the familiarization of students with the latest techniques and tools of the New Economy (Internet, telecommunications and social networks), whose role will increase in the future. In particular, specific elements such as digital marketing, business detection, resolution of specific problems, the perception of new approaches to the future, speculative markets ...

Development of managerial skills and abilities. The Master in International Business not only instills knowledge, it also favors the development of both human and academic skills, as well as values and skills of managers.

Objectives of the Master

The general objective of the Master in International Business is for the student to be able to design, develop and execute an internationalization project in its various lines and options, in any territory.

The specific objectives for students:

  • Understand and know the international market. Students will understand how the economy works internationally, with special reference to its present and future.
  • Develop skills in the management of international databases. Students will learn to manage various national and international information strengths, in order to establish in the future the knowledge and information bases necessary to develop international business.
  • Manage the essential instruments for international business. Students will learn to manage various essential instruments for development in international business, such as logistics, transportation, contracting, international insurance, international marketing, financing ...
  • Know the essential elements of international trade in goods and services. Students must know the elements that lead to the decision to internationalize through trade in goods and services, both from an export and import perspective, of final goods and production input.
  • Know the essential elements of investment and international tenders. Students will learn about the organizational structure of an international company, international business and the management of multilateral and international tenders.
  • Know the operation of speculative investment. The students will learn how to invest the surplus of a company or its assets in the different financial markets, being he or she himself / her own financial manager in economic decision making; Will be able to interpret the forex market and other speculative markets.
  • Skills for internationalization. Students will develop social skills for leadership, cultural intelligence and digital marketing.

Practical training

All the training offered has a marked practical nature, so that the knowledge transmitted can be applied directly to any company that starts or develops an internationalization process.

A formation that especially highlights familiarization with the latest techniques and tools of the New Economy.

Case method: from real life to the classroom

The practical component of the program is largely given by the use of the Case Method, whereby students use their knowledge to solve situations extracted from real professional life. Also, during the course you must carry out a Final Project in which you develop the planning of the sale of a specific product or service in a particular international market, which will force you to translate and interpret the training acquired in a true Internationalization Plan of a real company. In this way, once the Master in International Business is concluded, all students will be able to carry out, with autonomy and efficiency, the elaboration, reading and interpretation of the economic evolution of the environment, as well as to formalize diagnoses and internationalization plans in companies.

International Experience

The practical aspect of the program is also specified with the completion of an optional international trip at the end of the course, to know in situ what are the dynamics of work in large foreign companies.

Also, at the end of the Master's degree, all students become part of the internship system offered by the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol thanks to its agreements with collaborating companies of national and international prestige.

Academic Programme of the Master in International Business

The Master in International Business has an extensive program of subjects divided into several general modules:

Understand and know the international market (understand the functioning of the markets; strategic analysis; political, social and economic analysis of different countries or areas of special interest or special characteristics; development of European projects ...)

Essential instruments for international business (International logistics; transport; international financing; international insurance; customs; international contract, taxation of international trade in goods and services ...)

The international trade of goods and services; international marketing (the decision to internationalize; benchmarking, segmentation and positioning; business opportunities; international sale of merchandise; international trade through the Internet; strategic planning, digital marketing…)

Investment and international tenders (commodities and derivatives and forex markets; behavioral finance; money management; organizational structure of the international company and management; multilateral and international tenders ...

Skills for internationalization (personal coaching; internationalization canvas; social skills for leadership; cultural intelligence and intercultural negotiation; real experiences of international trade ...)

Complementary Subjects

At the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol in Seville we give relevance to the global training of students, so to the practical theoretical programs of the Postgraduate Masters we add subjects that complement their personal and professional development: managerial skills, Leadership dynamics, coaching and empowerment ...

How to pass the Master

Attending and participating in classes during the course. Attendance to all classes (except for 10% of teaching hours for very justified reasons) and participation are fundamental requirements to pass the Master.

Performing those practical exercises and jobs that each module manager requests, and successfully surpassing them.

Performing the controls that each module manager requests and successfully surpassing them.

Preparing the final work, which will be tutored by teachers of the Course and must be defended before an Evaluation Court.

Developing skills related to group work and cooperation.

Internship in the Master in International Business at IE Cajasol

The advantages of taking the Master in Globalization and International Business at the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol do not end after the completion of the course, they continue with the possibility of doing internships in our collaborating companies.

The Institute's Practices System guarantees the perfect adaptation between the student's expectations at the end of the Master's Degree and those of the company. Our postgraduate programs include complementary training in professional skills, managerial skills, job guidance, interview simulation, reproduction of real work situations and experiences of real companies. This global training of our students makes the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol quarry for the best offices, consultancies, agencies and companies in all fields.

More than 400 companies of national and international prestige, who rely on the Institute to recruit candidates, who in 41% of cases stay in them with labour contracts after internships.

An unbeatable opportunity to successfully start the professional career.

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Durante sus 30 años de historia el Instituto de Estudios Cajasol ha sido reconocido como una de las mejores escuelas de negocios nacionales, especialmente dentro del ámbito andaluz con cuyas empresas ha mantenido un contacto más estrecho. Read Less