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Programme Description

Wake Up To Beauty. A New Concept of Interior Design Master

The characteristic of these courses is that Academic theory is combined with practice on real jobs site.

The Master focuses on the great questions of "Beauty" and its identity with advanced methods in design composition. After an introduction to site planning, the course expands on several themes such as homes, green exhibition spaces, international showroom, sustainable offices, and spiritual spaces, delineating expression of a profound knowledge of the spaces, shapes, materials and light design as tools for the expression of our inner self and of the client.

Sketching: Look deeply in your creativity

This course aims to help us understand the core elements of international interior design master projects. Through quick drawing of the fundamental elements of shape, we absorb or express the essence of the design ideas.

International Drawing

Focus on the international way of codifying file and classifying drawing symbols, methods, layers, details and ways to depict projects in a global design firm in order to permit the students to be already able to apply to real work in an international firm.

Advanced Technology: The future

The knowledge of techniques and new technologies of design ensure our control over our suppliers and their costs on the renovation site. Very important for our Interior design Academy.

Start a new advanced approach with green design and sustainable technology, where it is possible, in a direct experience on a prototype to understand and perceive strengths inside the constructed shapes through the control of their proportions.

History of Design: Past is now

to know History of Architecture and Design not only as a past's information but as a real perception of the great adventure of the most important authors in this field ( and about their life ). In our new concept of the International Master of Interior Design, we think that every shape of art is the manifestation of the inner vivid and rich world of the artist. This is true also for architect and designer and is possible to go, during the course, directly on the historical place and to perceive the " spirit of the place " and of his author.

Chromatic Perception: Enjoy the colors

introduces students to knowledge of the influence of colors on human beings in their different combinations in the quantity and kind of shapes and geometry of which they can be composed, delineating various perceptions inside the public/private space and interiors. As an international interior design master, this subject is retained fundamental.

Online Design Services: digital marketing

Introduces students in the most innovative and advanced way to work online and meet clients via Internet, developing the entire design process through the most recent Digital Web Marketing in order to be totally involved in the contemporary way to work all around the world.

Advanced Portfolio

The presentation of the final works to the customer is very important because is the way to depict a specific point of view of the project through the colors, materials, light, creating the ambient and the atmosphere of the image. Learning the advanced way to do a Portfolio means to delineate a strong identity for the work and have success in the last important step of the presentation.

3D Model/Rendering

Focuses on bringing 2d drawing and sketches over 3d model representation as vehicles for design thinking and perception. Observation first and analytic study after, with several interiors spaces exercises which develop creative skills. Learning 3D Render software V-Ray for image building with several 3D models.

Professional Practice

This course in the Interior Design Master examines the organisation and management of real practices for delivering professional design services. It focuses on the architect's responsibilities from the pre.contract phase through cost estimating with a bill of quantities and construction specifications. We will cover all aspects such as the application of computer technology in preparing specifications and visits building construction.

Customer Management

The meetings with the clients from the first to the last, to understand their real needs, to show the draft of the first idea and the followings step images of the project. To be able to guide them through several phases of the work until the end and to show them how is possible to control the bill of quantities is a delicate work. The right approach as behavior time and rhythms to show the several steps of the project is a very important part of the ordinary professionals work. Florence interior design school introduce students also in this subject.

Career Opportunities

We usually choose our collaborator among our best students. The students will obtain the title MASTER-Interior Designer or Dual MASTER of Interior and Furniture design more a Certificate of Professional practice, and can proceed with their professional career in the field of Interior Design as a freelancer or associate inside Interior Design and Architecture firms or employees in creative industries such as Exhibition design, Event design, Decoration, Product Design, Furniture Design, 3D Specialization, Rendering Specialization, Project illustration, Visual Merchandising.

The Concept of the Course

It can happen that during the execution of your project, while you observe your model under the light, you begin to understand yourself, who you really are and what you really want from life.

This Master is conceived in an Architecture and Interior and Furniture Design firm to combines theory and real works hopes to change you and make you discover through the "Perception in Design" method who you are and what is the reality as a result of your work and your research. As a Designer, you will discover the world and your future. You can get to know and understand in depth the client's explanations, you will succeed recognize the signs which a material transmit, you can perceive the sounds and the scents of nature and to create a dialogue between your project and the most inner part of yourself. Light, Space, Material, and Construction are the elements to create a poetry of project without ever forgetting the essentials of cost control or understanding the processes in the executive of furnishing as an interior and the management of a team of craftsman engaged to realize your masterpiece.

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The school's Unique concept derives from the combination of academic lectures in the courses and work on authentic projects with professionals and suppliers - site inspections and on-site experience - ... Read More

The school's Unique concept derives from the combination of academic lectures in the courses and work on authentic projects with professionals and suppliers - site inspections and on-site experience - together with visits to workshops, laboratories, factories, and stores. The courses take into account the results of the most important international academic research with testimony from world-famous designers and architects. Read Less