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Programme Description

Direct, manage and promote the digitalization of the company.

Your business and your career are asking for it a long time ago: you need to digitize yourself. If your goal is to assume positions of responsibility and direction within this new digital environment, the change begins with the Master in Digital Business of ICEMD. A comprehensive training that will allow you to boost the process of digitalization of your company, or the launch of your own online business.

Six complete modules during which you will learn things like: how to increase your sales volume thanks to cloud computing, how to measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising or the keys to the success of e-commerce.

With a methodology based on practical learning from the hand of active digital experts, during the 9 months of training you will learn from the most technical aspects of digital environments, those more focused on management, marketing or sales.

In addition to several projects with real brands and a final research project, you will also have at your disposal webminars, master workshops, master classes and the ICEMD Virtual Classroom, where you can continue your training after classes.


  • How to boost the process of digitization of my company?
  • How to develop a Digital Marketing Plan?
  • How to integrate the digital disciplines in the day to day of my company?
  • How to use new technologies to optimize the Value Chain?
  • How to achieve greater engagement with my clients?
  • How to create and manage new online sales channels?
  • How to know in which social networks it suits me to be present?

Differential Factors/>

  • CLAUSTRO: The faculty of the Institute of the Digital Economy of ESIC is composed of more than 500 renowned professionals in their field, who work day by day in the disciplines they teach and the program.
  • DOUBLE EUROPEAN ESIC AND FEDMA TITLE: An opportunity to become a Digital Economy professional certified throughout Europe with the following qualifications: Master in Digital Business awarded by the Institute of the Digital Economy of ESIC - ICEMD and European Diploma in Digital Business awarded by FEDMA , Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing.
  • EMPLOYABILITY: Students enter the ICEMD Professional Bank, a mandatory reference for companies seeking talent in Digital Economy disciplines; and in the Department of Professional Careers ESIC, which manages agreements with more than 8,000 companies and processes more than 3,500 professional offers per year.

Student Profile/>

The Master in Digital Business is aimed at graduates and graduates who have a satisfactory academic record. In addition, for enrichment among the participants it will be necessary to have credible professional experience, preferably in positions of corporate responsibility. Any other merit, both professional and personal, will be valued by the Admissions Commission of the Digital Economy Institute (ICEMD).

Profile of the candidates who most request admission to the Master in Digital Business:

  • Professionals willing to promote a professional management career within the world of e-business.
  • Managers of companies whose business model is based on the marketing of products and services through the Internet.
  • Entrepreneurs aware of the importance of the new digital environment for the lines of activity of their company.



Custom accompaniment:

The tutor will accompany you at all times doing the necessary follow-up in order to successfully overcome the program.

Virtual classroom:

Access to the resources of the program and interaction with the tutor, faculty, classmates and attention to the ICEMD student. The virtual classroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Real projects of real brands:

Students put into practice what they have learned through the realization of group projects, based on real companies with real challenges, on the disciplines of the program studied.

100% Networking:

With the tutor, cloister and other colleagues from the 5 continents, all passionate about digital disciplines that will enrich the experience even more.

Lifelong learning:

ICEMD groups in iDigital its initiatives to promote the integration of the disciplines of the Digital Economy in the strategies of professional development and business competitiveness. For long-term students, we offer them, as support for their training, complementary advisory actions on skills, knowledge and experiences relevant to professional development in the Digital Economy.

Research work in Blog or Whitepaper format:

The Master students present at the end of their training a personal research work in Blog format on the ICEMD Blogs platform - or white paper on a topic of their interest related to the program, guided at all times by a tutor.

Final evaluation:

Variables such as projects, research work, test on the study documentation and final module / program exam will be of special relevance.

Double European Degree:

Master's Diploma in Digital Business awarded by ESIC. European Diploma in e-Business awarded by FEDMA.


  • Module 1: Digital Management
    • Syllabus
    • The digital ecosystem
    • The digital client
    • Digital Business Models
    • Talent Management and Management in the Digital Economy
    • Digital financial management
    • Management of operations in digital environments
    • Legal Aspects in digital environments
    • New Technologies that impact the business
  • Module 2: Technology and Innovation
  • Syllabus
  • Process of Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • Agile Methodologies in Digital Projects
  • Disruptive Models: Mobility, Digital Platforms and Connected Products
  • Use of Cloud Computing as a competitive advantage for the business
  • Data management: Big data
  • Industry 4.0. and IOT
  • Machine Learning
  • RA / RV / RI
  • Cybersecurity and Blockchain applied to the Digital Business
  • Module 3: Digital Marketing
  • Syllabus
  • Design and Creation of a Digital Marketing Plan
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to optimize the positioning of your website in search engines in a natural way
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Fundamentals, options and important points in the SEM Strategy
  • Development and application of a SEM Strategy
  • Performance, RTB and display advertising
  • Social Media Strategy: The integration of Social Networks in our digital media plan
  • E-mail marketing
  • Web Analytics: How to measure and optimize the critical processes of our web
  • Module 4: Digital Sales and eCommerce
  • Strategic Plan for Electronic Commerce
  • Technological solutions in eCommerce
  • Sales in eCommerce and optimization of the conversion funnel
  • Payment methods online
  • The logistics and customer service in Electronic Commerce
  • eCommerce Performance: Financial Analysis in electronic commerce
  • The eCommerce as an opportunity for internationalization
  • Omni-channeling and digitalization of points of sale
  • Module 5: Data and Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Generate and qualify leads in Digital Marketing
  • Loyalty and Linking Strategies through the Internet
  • Strategy and Implementation Plan for eCRM and eCEM
  • eCRM in the Commercial Channel: Automation in the management and monitoring of processes in sales force and point of sale
  • Technology at the service of CRM
  • The management of Digital Business Intelligence
  • Customer Social Relationship Management
  • ROI in customer relationship management
  • Module 6: Digital Business Development
  • Syllabus
  • Ideation methodologies to create a new service or digital product
  • Transversal Project: Ideation
  • Lan Startup, undertake light
  • Transversal Project: Lean Startup
  • Creation of a new digital product or service
  • Transversal Project: Product
  • Management and Administration of Startups
  • Transversal Project: Management and Administration of Startups
  • Financing a Digital Project
  • Transversal Project: Financing a Digital Project
  • Pitch Deck and Project Presentation

Note: Depending on the festive calendar, it is possible that some class is held on Saturday afternoon, to respect the program. Programme subject to possible modifications.

Associated Rankings/>

  • ESIC is ranked 12th Business School in the World.
  • The Director General of ESIC is the 76th Spanish business leader.
  • 3rd Business School in Spain with the best reputation.
  • ESIC is ranked within the top 250 Business Schools in the world and most importantly one of the seven "Top-Tier Employability" business schools in Europe.
  • 2nd Business School of Spain in the sectorial ranking.
Last updated February 2018

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ESIC is a group of leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct rel ... Read More

ESIC is a group of leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment in order to provide you with a practical academic training which focuses on the needs of the labor market. We offer training with values, to engage successfully as a highly qualified professional with excellent command and knowledge of the latest trends. Read Less
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