Master in Development of Gastronomic Concepts


Programme Description


  • Qualification: UCH-CEU master's degree
  • Directed to: The Master program is aimed at students and professionals in the sector who want to make a qualitative leap in their training and career.
  • Duration: 1 April 2019/31 July 2019 4 months of practice in restaurants of the elBarri-Iglesias group. From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Hours: 1,660 hours
  • Credits: 90 ECTS
  • Delivered in: Spanish
  • Limited places
  • Price: € 12,500


Welcome to the gastronomic " re-evolution" .

Gasma and elBarri come together to present a formative program full of creativity and avant-garde . A unique master in the world. A different bet for those professionals who seek a step further in their profession.

Since the opening of the restaurant Tickets in 2011, the gastronomic panorama has continued to advance at a fast pace. Countless events have caused the kitchen to evolve and revolutionize a gastronomic landscape in which El Bulli played a pioneering role. This golden age has made Spain become a world leader in cutting-edge and culinary research.

The "kitchen of always" will take centre stage during the first weeks of class until it becomes an innovative and contemporary proposal. It is essential to master the basics of gastronomy in order to have a career full of success in the kitchen.

Making students enthusiastic about research and never quenching their thirst for knowledge will be one of the premises of the staff of elBarri, the undisputed star of the gastronomic innovation of this unique program in the world.

Being aware of the importance of management within a restaurant, this Master will also train students in culinary management , to help them achieve, understand and design high gastronomy profitable .

This is a master's degree with a 360º focus for the Global Chef of the future. A high-level training from the best professionals in the sector. Are you ready to enter this world of gastronomic experiences?

That makes us different?

Innovative approach

Gasma is committed to training that is adjusted to the reality of a sector in continuous evolution. We are experts in profitable haute cuisine and our students, in addition to developing their culinary knowledge at the highest level acquire the tools to manage and obtain maximum profitability in their work, whether in kitchen, living room or through gastronomic development.

Our goal is to achieve a set of knowledge, skills and abilities that contribute to achieving innovation in relation to gastronomy.

State-of-the-art facilities

The Campus of Gastronomy and Management of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University is an environment that combines nature and science and has state-of-the-art facilities. The spaces destined for the development of the training actions are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools. In addition, the design of our facilities guarantees a direct contact with the teacher and allows students to have the necessary space for the development of practical classes.

The profession in the classroom

To be a good Gastronomy professional it is necessary to be in contact with the best professionals . In all the disciplines, the professors will not only follow a scientific and pedagogical method of teaching, but will also explain, in first person, their personal experience in the sector.

Global vocation

Welcome to one of the international reference campuses. The student community of the CEU-Cardenal Herrera-Gasma University is composed of more than 53 nationalities. Students from all the countries of the world among which you will learn and share culture, cooking and different ways of understanding life. We promote a global training, with mobility and international projection, laying the foundations so that you can project your professional career wherever you want.

Objectives of the Master

The main objectives of this master's degree are to provide professionals with a global vision of the sector, providing them with knowledge in gastronomic techniques and trends, product and management and creation tools.

  • You will understand the basics of cooking and thoroughly study the product and its characteristics. You will discover culinary techniques from around the world and develop your creative potential, being able to configure an original gastronomic offer.
  • You will develop a complete professional profile thanks to the study of different areas such as pastry and restaurant desserts . You will have the management tools necessary to make your gastronomic business viable based on your offer, marketing and prestige.
  • The University UCH-CEU and Gasma bet on an innovative methodology and an active role of the participants : practical sessions, Masterclass, workshops, visits ... You will learn from the experience of our CulinaryTeam and the best experts of elBarri Group
  • You will bet on Networking and you will promote your own gastronomic community thanks to the contact with Chefs and professionals who participate in your training. At the end you will complete your apprenticeship with 700h hours of external internships in which you will discover the day to day of the best restaurants of the elBarri Group, led by Albert Adrià .

Addressed to

Entrepreneurial spirit

This Master is aimed at professionals of the sector with more than 3 years of experience who want to make a qualitative leap in their training and career.

  • Graduates and university graduates
  • Studies or technical careers in gastronomy.
  • Professionals from the sector with a remarkable professional experience, both in cooking, as in pastry / bakery, as well as in culinary management.


The UCH-CEU and Gasma opt for a dynamic and innovative methodology that allows the participant to develop their professional profile to the maximum. For this reason, 80% of the master's hours are dedicated to practical training .

The students are trained in practical-participative sessions and work together with national and international reference chefs . In the contents related to culinary management they face real situations and know first-hand the main success stories of the sector .

Within the Master's course, Master Class will also be taught by internationally renowned chefs and professionals who, in a session, will show in a very close way their philosophy, principles and research methods on which they are based to develop a personal and differentiating style.

Likewise, the program will have product seminars and its culinary application: days focused on a product, in which knowledgeable experts and guest chefs will develop a broad vision.

The training culminates with practices and face-to-face classes at the restaurants of the elBarri Group

The program will last for eight months . The first four will be taught at the Gasma facilities , Campus of Gastronomy and Culinary Management of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. The following four months , the student will have to rotate in the different restaurants of the elBarri group , thus completing a single, multiconceptual and tutored training at all times.


  • Cuisine: This block allows to know the fundamentals of the gastronomy at a global level and the techniques and creative tools capable of making it evolve. From a classic choice of backgrounds, juices, sauces, stir-fry and traditional stews, to those that set trends around the world: contemporary tapas, Japanese cuisine, Peruvian cuisine, Nikkei cuisine, Mexican cuisine, fusion cuisine, signature cuisine, classic techniques , technification of classicism, re-evolutionary cuisine, restaurant desserts, etc.
  • Re-evolutionary cuisine: The change has reached kitchens of high gastronomic value around the world thanks to research, present in all of them. The ingredients that previously went unnoticed today take all the prominence to make remarkable an evolution that still has much development ahead. The garrisons go on to stardom, and the staging is a fundamental part of each menu, making the customer a participant and main actor.
  • Management and staging: The purpose of this block is that the student can master the management tools applied to gastronomy and cooking processes for a more efficient organisation. Students can anticipate the main trends to design a successful gastronomic concept. The service and the room will receive special attention, vindicating the indispensable and inestimable value that the waiter acquires in our proposal. The drinks are not lost sight of. Wines, liquors, cocktails and coffees are a fundamental part of the gastronomic business. In addition, the student will be trained in the creation of new gastronomic businesses as well as the management of drinks, room and staging.
  • Final Master's Thesis: The Master's Final Project allows all the acquired knowledge to be valued. It reflects the ideal business model that combines excellence in Gastronomy with guidelines for sustainable management.

The practices will be held in the restaurants of elBarri. The rotation in all of them will allow the students to work in different concepts, allowing them to settle knowledge and have a global vision thanks to one of the most important restoration groups in the world.

This project, which will be carried out at the end of the internship, will make the students develop a new concept , integrating everything they have learned and whose key element will be the presentation of a tasting menu in which they will also value the staging and the service of it.


For this unique master, Gasma's Culinary Team will count on the collaboration of the professionals of the elBarri Group who, with their pioneering model, have achieved that their six restaurants combine different cooking concepts for a global gastronomic experience. In its meteoric trajectory several of the restaurants of the group have obtained Michelin star and the recognition in The World's 50 best.

At Gasma we look for success examples to transfer them to the classrooms and train the professionals of the future. That's why, with elBarri by Albert Adrià

Training areas



The Programme will be paid as follows:

  • Registration fee: € 150 * refundable in case of non-admission.
  • Place reservation: € 5,500 * 5 days after admission.
  • First installment: € 3,425 * 45 days after the start of the master.
  • Second installment: € 3,425 * 90 days after the start of the master.

Total: € 12,500

International fee: € 600 * only international students (optional).

The registration includes:


  • Management of curricular practices (compulsory).
  • Access to personal box office.
  • GASMA library.
  • Assistance to Masterclasses, Conferences and Extracurricular Seminars scheduled for our students.

Teaching materials:

  • All materials needed during the development of the classes are included in the fees.
  • Access to the online education platform.
  • The following mandatory uniform will be issued to students: 1 black jacket, 1 black trousers, 1 kitchen hat, 1 brown apron

Admission process

  • Application Form Admission: Enroll is easy. First you must fill in the application form below, and make the payment indicated in the registration fee. Do not worry, if you are not admitted, the fee will be refunded. In the case of choosing as a form of bank transfer payment , please send the payment receipt to the address
  • Interview Admission: Once we receive your request, and within 24 hours, we will call you to do a personal interview with a person from the teaching or admissions team of Gasma. The objective of the interview is to know the candidates , assess their knowledge in the sector and aptitudes for the program. In case of not being able to attend in person, the interview can also be done via Skype . In this interview you will be shown all the documents you must provide to complete your application.
  • Admissions Committee: Once the admission interview has been completed, the application will be assessed and the result of the admission process will be communicated. In case of being admitted, you will be sent a confirmation email indicating the following steps to make the payment of the reservation of the place effective . Said payment must also be carried out through a virtual POS, Paypal or bank transfer.
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Gasma is the Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus from CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

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