Master in Administration - Public Sector Governance, 2nd cycle


Programme Description


Why study Master's degree programme Administration - Public Sector Governance?

  • The study programme is designed to educate second cycle graduates with in-depth knowledge of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary administrative science (economics, law, organisation, management, politics, sociology, informatics).
  • This type of competence can enable you to work in EU institutions, local public or business administration or non-profit organisations.
  • The individual approach between professors, staff, and students.

What will you learn?

To make the best decisions in public, administration and non-profit sector you need to master the knowledge and understating of the interdisciplinary fields of administrative science.

  • Through the Master's Degree Programme Administration - Public Sector Governance you will develop the multidimensional (managerial, economical, low) knowledge and skills in order to learn how to manage problems, discover new opportunities, evaluate them in close dialogue with the public environment, and citizens, and implement new solutions in the public sector.
  • An important part of the programme is to learn how to handle uncertainty and risk and develop the skills necessary for decision-making in the intercultural public environment.
  • The programme actively utilizes team projects so you will acquire and improve your analytical, communication, creative and collaborative skills.



Study is held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The country is hidden between the mighty Alps and the calm Adriatic sea. Sure it may not be easy to find it on a map, but you will have a hard time finding a place so small offering so much. The programme Public Sector Governance takes place at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Public Administration, Gosarjeva 5, Ljubljana, Slovenia.



For citizens of the EU, there is no tuition fee required.

For non-EU nationals, we charge a tuition fee of 3.000 EUR/year. The final thesis is included in this price.

Admission process

The faculty Postgraduate Studies Committee determines the requirements for each candidate on a case-by-case basis that the candidate must fulfil before enrollment upon transferring to the new programme, and determines which year the candidate can transfer into.

If the number of applicants to the master's degree programme considerably surpasses the number of open positions or the faculty's capacity (staff, spatial, equipment), the Faculty of Public Administration, in line with Article 41 of the Higher Education Act, may limit admissions.

Here the following criteria will be considered: past academic performance at the undergraduate level: (average grade - 25%, bachelor's thesis - 25%) + elective exam - 50%.

There is no difference between regular and part-time students with regard to the conditions and recognition of credits; similarly, there is no discrimination based on sex or ethnicity. There are also no special restrictions on applications from the disabled.


1st Year

  • Research methods in social sciences
  • Contemporary public administration
  • Economic analysis in public administration
  • * Compulsory elective courses (double)
  • Leadership in public administration
  • Information technologies in public administration
  • Administrative procedure law

* Compulsory elective courses (double)

  • Management of investment projects in the public sector and change and risk management in government
  • Human resources management in public administration and Information governance
  • EU law and administration and Local and regional governance

2nd Year

  • Personal development seminar
  • Master thesis

Public governance and the European Union - in the English language from academic year 2020/21

  • Public policy analysis
  • Sustainable development
  • European public finance
  • Methods, techniques and information tools for business process reengineering
  • Elective course 1
  • Elective course 2

Elective Courses

  • Tax procedure law
  • Environmental and sustainability law
  • Tax system and EU
  • Innovations in the public sector
  • Organisation and management development
  • Methods for the support of the risk analysis
  • Human rights and public administration
  • EU policies and financial instruments
  • Decision support systems in administration

Student Impressions


Grega Rudolf, Master’s Degree Administration - Public Sector Governance Student

“Studying at the Faculty of Public Administration (University of Ljubljana) makes you great at not only administration but also law, informatics, economy and organisation. An interdisciplinary study allows you to grow into versatile and confident alumni. Faculty of Public Administration will offer you opportunities to learn from the best in the field, to go on multiple exchanges which allow you to gather international experiences and also the faculty makes sure that during your studies you learn all the things you need to find a job after you finish with your master studies.

The Faculty of Public Administration offers multiple opportunities for you to find your calling, create your own study programme by picking electives that suit and interest you and offers you mentorship and support along the way. I would highly recommend it!”

How to apply

Step One

Apply Online:

  • Candidates are required to submit their applications online through the eVŠ Portal till 20 September 2020. Since the recognition procedure can last up to 2 months, we recommend you apply as soon as possible.

Step Two

Print the Application:

  • Print and sign out the filled application form and send it with all required documents for recognition of education to address: Faculty of Public Administration (Student Affairs Office), Gosarjeva ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia as soon as possible.

Step Three

Recognition of Foreign Education for Enrolment:

The recognition procedure is a part of the enrolment procedure. The candidates submit the recognition application together with the study enrolment application (on the online eVŠ portal).

Please enclose the following documents to the printed and signed application from the eVŠ system:

  1. Original or the duplicate of the final certificate(s), representing general requirement for access to higher education programme cycle in the country of issue, legalized on the basis of:
    • the 1961 Hague Convention (at the court with territorial jurisdiction where the certificate or diploma has been issued); with properly filled in apostille form affixed or
    • the Authentication of Documents in International Traffic Act
  2. Photocopy of the original certificate(s) and Certified Slovene or English translation of the certificate(s)
  3. Annual report cards, transcripts, a diploma supplement or some other evidence on the contents and duration of education - copies of the transcripts must be certified and Certified Slovene or English translation of the certificate(s)
  4. A short chronological description of the entire education (statement by the applicant)

Step Four

Mail Everything:

Send the application along with all other documents to this address:

University of Ljubljana Faculty of Public Administration
Student Affair Office
Gosarjeva 5
1000 Ljubljana


Mrs Petra Kisovec Kamnik
Phone: + 386 1 5805 504 (from 1 PM until 2.30 PM CET during working days)


Last updated May 2020

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