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Programme Description

Fashion and photography are social phenomena that manifest themselves through the image. Therefore, few disciplines have so many creative influences and with much weight in society, film, art, music and culture in general, as fashion photography, while draws on all of them.

Fashion photographers work for magazines, brands, online stores, catalogs and advertising campaigns conducted where, from their work, they have to conceptualize and photograph the product or trends in a unique way to attract and seduce the consumer. Therefore, a professional fashion photographer enrich their work if, in addition to high theory and techniques to be able to make a good photograph in set or outside with a capacity model has specific knowledge of other basic photographic genres such as portrait photography or copyright, with professional standards of editing. As a result some fashion photographers become active witnesses to the world of fashion, adding to their professional ability to participate in the creative direction providing a discourse that goes beyond the aesthetic universe.

It is a profession for creative lovers of beauty capable of evoking, deepen and mobilize the public through the emotion. Where concepts are fired and where the photographer can, and must, contribute their point of view and make the best of models, makeup artists, stylists and collections themselves.


This course aims that students already initiated in the picture, but still not professional, can begin a process of specialization in the broad and competitive world of fashion photography, from the most complex custom, as an editorial for a magazine or creating the image of a form of campaign fashion, even the simplest, such as creating a lookbook or photograph of e-commerce for an online store.

It provides a high level of skills and knowledge needed to work on set and on location (from a portrait to an editorial report), while endows students with the historical foundations of fashion photography and analyzing the different styles and approaches possible. In addition, the aesthetic and personal opinion of the author, essential for projects addressing art direction and creative in fashion photography and to be able to manage complex productions and in which many professionals involved will develop.

In this way each student at the end of the program, have completed a large number of photographs that make up a personal portfolio, which supervised by the Pedagogical Director will use to present their work in a professional environment.

Addressed to

Graduates and graduates with experience in photography by creditable academic curriculum and / or portfolio. Otherwise, it is necessary to take the Degree / Photography course.

Access and Degree

Access university degree (bachelor or graduate degree) and internal selection process. own master's degree awarded by the Universitat Abat Oliva CEU is obtained.

Curricular Itinerary

This master's degree is the result of combining the academic curricula of postgraduate Advanced Photography and Fashion Photography and Creative Management.

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