Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Private Equity


Programme Description

Master Entrepreneurship

This Master’s degree will provide you with the knowledge and experience you require to promote entrepreneurship, with a special emphasis on funding as the key issue. Within the current macroeconomic context, given the lack of existing credit, venture capital industries and private equity companies are increasingly becoming a funding alternative in their own right for companies.

Barcelona stands out since it has a large number of entities specializing both in private equity and in corporate finance which support and fund the development of new companies.

In some circles Barcelona is now, being presented in the same way that Silicon Valley was presented in the United States at one time.

At UIC Barcelona we aim to promote an entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of companies in our society and for that reason, we offer you the best education in this field.


  • To identify and quantify risks in the area of transaction services via an analysis of the position of the company and the identification of the most important factors.
  • To improve your education and guide your professional career in the area of corporate finance, thus increasing your employability and opportunities to work in this sector.
  • To develop skills and abilities in order to be able to take on a position in the private equity sector or in companies that are open to international markets.
  • To master the venture capital investment cycle as well as the specific methodologies and typologies involved in financial modelling.
  • To guide you towards the creation of a new company or increase the intrapreneurial ability of a company by searching for new business models.

Who is aimed at

This Master’s degree is for you if:

  • You are a recent graduate of an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Management or Engineering.
  • You are a junior professional.
  • You would like your career to move towards setting up a new business, developing a new concept or business area within a specific company.
  • If you would like to specialize in venture capital, private equity, transaction services or corporate finance.

Professional opportunities

  • Venture capital and Private Equity funds
  • Transaction service departments and corporate finance positions in auditing firms and financial consultancy firms.
  • Venture capital and private equity departments in investment banks.
  • Jobs in strategic consultancy and finance companies.

Academic accreditation

Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Private Equity


First semester

Venture Capital - Entrepreneurial Financing

6 ECTS (compulsory)

Professor: Francesc Prior Sanz

This course trains entrepreneurs for the early-stage investment landscape by teaching them to prepare financial statements for investors, choose the venture corporate structure, understand the main sources of capital for early-stage companies, identify the steps of the funding process, implement the process of raising capital, manage turnaround opportunities and understand the process of harvesting the business venture.

Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Business Modelling

6 ECTS (compulsory)

Professor: Montgomery Davis

This course presents the concept of entrepreneurship and the related theories as well as defining business models and strategy. The course also covers business model patterns and operations and the role of information management and business model design. The ultimate goal is to help students generate their own Business Plan.

Technology, Innovation & Leadership

6 ECTS (compulsory)

Professor: Carlos Cosials

This course aims to teach students how to manage the innovation process in a technology-driven company in order to improve the way new products are introduced into the markets. To succeed in the entrepreneurial process, as part of this course, students will learn how to organise project development teams in order to achieve a general understanding of how information systems are managed.

Private Equity - Advanced Corporate Finance

6 ECTS (compulsory)

Professor: Fernando García (KPMG)

This course covers the private equity industry and its transactions. It presents the main models, techniques, and activities undertaken by private equity investors; the difference between private equity and venture capital; who the investors in private equity are; the main income drivers of private equity; the institutional vehicles used for private equity investments; the management of private equity funds; valuation techniques and their application to deal-making in private equity settings.

Portfolio Management

3 ECTS (optional)

Professor: Juan Antonio Astorga

This course teaches students the conceptual framework for diversification and portfolio risk management, by applying derivatives to manage the risks of financial decisions. Students will see the benefits of using options, futures, forwards and swaps in portfolio risk management and gain hands-on experience managing a hypothetical asset portfolio that includes venture capital/private equity investments.

Social Entrepreneurship

3 ECTS (optional)

Professor: Andrea Balletbò Roldán

This course presents the concepts of social economy, social entrepreneurship and social business, and the differences between social business, regular business, NGOs and CSR. Of special relevance are the concepts of a non-profit business, social innovation and the actors involved in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to help students generate a social business idea and turn it into a social business model.


3 ECTS (optional)

Professor: Josep M. Rius

Students will be able to learn the main concepts related to the marketing of new ventures, such as the frame of reference that applies to the company. Students will be taught to handle marketing issues in a systematic, methodical manner and gather relevant information for their company from both internal and external sources (market research). The ultimate goal is to teach students how to prepare and implement a marketing plan.

Venture Capital, Private Equity Law, and Taxation

3 ECTS (optional)

Professor: Xavier Xivillé (Cuatrecasas) and Jeff Turner (Iona College)

This course will cover all the main legal and taxation issues related to VC/PE transactions, including regulatory frameworks for private equity and venture capital; investment vehicles in private equity and venture capital transactions; due diligence; the equity investment structure; acquisitions; leveraged buyouts and taxation in exit strategies.

International Financial Reporting Systems for Private Equity Investors

3 ECTS (optional)

Professor: Ramon Bastida/Ernest Solé Udina

This course provides an introduction to international financial reporting for international private equity investors and presents the conceptual framework for financial reporting in terms of the reporting and presentation of consolidated financial statements. Of special relevance is understanding the importance of group reporting and appreciating the particular characteristics of accounting policies for venture capital/private equity funds.

Second semester

  1. Work placement in a company - 15 ECTS (compulsory)
  2. Final Master’s Degree Project -15 ECTS (compulsory)

Teaching body

The teaching body consists of teachers and academics complemented by professionals from the field of entrepreneurship and venture capital. They are professionals who have important positions in companies from this sector, many of which are located in Barcelona.


Required documentation

*Submit the following documents to the Information and Admissions Service:

  1. Original certified photocopy of a university degree
  2. Original certified photocopy of the academic certificate with the candidate’s grades of completed university degrees
  3. Certificate issued by home university stating that the degree entitles the candidate to pursue postgraduate studies in the country where it was issued
  4. Two passport photographs
  5. Photocopy of passport
  6. Updated CV
  7. Letter of motivation
  8. Certified photocopy of other university degrees, including postgraduate degrees
  9. If the language of the documents is not Spanish, the candidate must submit an original certified translation into Spanish of the university degree and academic certificate
  10. English proficiency certificate or evidence of language skills

* Personal interview, if necessary

Last updated Feb 2020

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