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Find Masters of Science (MScs) in Natural Sciences in Australia

Msc stands for Master of Science. It is a postgraduate educational master's degree given by universities in a wide number of nations. The degree is typically studied for in the sciences and occasionally in the social sciences.

Natural sciences programs can allow students to explore occurrences in nature through observation, prediction and experiments. Various topics may be touched upon, and students may specialize in areas such as biology, ecology, astronomy, physics, chemistry and Earth science.

Australia has a subsidized higher education for students pursuing the undergraduate degrees. They also give loan and grants for the post graduate students. Higher learning starts at undergraduate degree level to a doctoral degree offered in any field of study.

Master of Science Program in Natural Sciences in Australia

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University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

The Master of Science (Research) gives you the skills and opportunities you need to further your career in your chosen science research area. ... [+]

Enhance your science research career

The Master of Science (Research) gives you the skills and opportunities you need to further your career in your chosen science research area. In this degree, highly motivated and highly qualified students undertake an advanced study to produce a research-based dissertation which will help you to develop your research skills in a specialised area of knowledge and proceed further with your science research career.

Within this degree, you will have the choice of three specialisations’ to focus your research studies. They include:

Applied Research Advanced Research Psychology Research

In this degree, you will find the emphasis to be on the development of knowledge and skills to allow you to undertake independent research and professional practice in your chosen area.... [-]

Australia Toowoomba Springfield
February 2020
Full time
Part time
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University of Technology Sydney

The Master of Science (Research) in Mathematical Sciences provides an opportunity to acquire research skills and to deepen knowledge in one of the areas of mathematics. T ... [+]

This research degree provides an opportunity for graduates to acquire high-level research skills and substantially deepen their knowledge in an area of mathematics or statistics. Students work under the guidance of a supervisor who is a full-time academic staff member of the faculty. Students may be required to take a prescribed subject in research methodology or any other subject deemed necessary by their principal supervisor.

Students acquire research skills and deepen knowledge in their chosen area of mathematics or science.

Skills in research and the ability to think mathematically are in growing demand in industry, finance and various government organisations. As a consequence, graduates of this course significantly broaden their career choices, and the research topic may be chosen to further facilitate their career paths, for example, in senior levels of market research, quantitative management and quantitative finance.... [-]

Australia Sydney
January 2020
Full time
Part time
2 - 4 
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