37 Best Part time Masters of Science in Germany

An MSc, or Master of Science, is an academic distinction bestowed upon those who effectively complete a predetermined set of coursework in what is often a science-based discipline. The MSc often enhances career opportunities as well as earning potential.

Students who pursue a Master generally spend one to two years in the enhanced study of their chosen field. This program is taken after receiving a bachelor’s degree, and available areas of study include science, law, technology, finance, social sciences and the arts.

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic in western-central Europe. The country consists of 16 states, and its capital and largest city is Berlin.

Part time Master of Science (MSc) in Germany

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MSc International Marketing

The University of Law Business School
Campus Full time Part time 1 year September 2019 Germany Berlin + 1 more

The MSc International Marketing is designed for today’s marketing professionals and aligned with the acclaimed standards of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. The programme offers you a thorough grounding in business and the more specialist concepts and applications of marketing management.

MSc International Agribusiness

Campus Full time Part time 18 - 36 months April 2020 Germany Hanover + 1 more

In this program, we combine technical and theoretical expertise with high practical relevance and applicability. Understanding international agribusiness and the interconnection between sectors and business areas will be crucial for organizational and personal success.

MSc Data Analytics and Marketing

Arden courses at GISMA
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years February 2020 Germany Berlin + 1 more

Learn a range of essential marketing skills, including analyzing statistics and interpreting large sets of data, with this program delivered and awarded by Arden University.

MSc Project Management

Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years October 2019 Germany Berlin + 1 more

Taking this program will enable you to manage and deliver international projects. You will also gain skills in effectively analyzing data and using it for improved planning.

MSc. in Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (GTIME)

Hamburg University of Technology
Campus Full time Part time 2 years October 2019 Germany Hamburg + 1 more

The MSc. in Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (GTIME) is a unique 2-year programme offered jointly by internationally distinguished universities with extraordinary competences in the field of Technology and Innovation Management as well as Entrepreneurship. The programme will start in October 2018.

Online master economics

Online Full time Part time 2 years October 2019 Germany Germany Online + 1 more

The online Master's degree in Business Informatics provides the qualifications required for the development of solutions from the perspective of a strategic, entrepreneurial perspective and the use of scientific knowledge. The course also prepares to work as a consultant or as an entrepreneur in the IT sector. The course of studies opens up access to the higher service.

MSc in Renewable Energy Online

University of Oldenburg
Online Part time 7 semesters Request Info Germany Oldenburg

The master's programme Renewable Energy Online (REO) qualifies you in the field of renewable energy technologies, systems, and sustainability. REO is an English-language, part-time study programme with a technical focus, aiming for engineers and natural scientists with a first university degree and at least one year of professional experience.

Master Degree courses Facility and Process Design

Albstadt-Sigmaringen University
Campus Full time Part time 3 semesters October 2019 Germany Sigmaringen + 1 more

The Master's program Facility and Process Design enables students to gain a unique European profile in the area of planning and management of industrial plants as well as innovative product and process development. The focus here is on the life science industry, ie in food processing, in pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, in the manufacture of medical devices and in adjacent areas. The degree course conveys the knowledge and skills required for future specialists and executives in these industrial sectors and related service companies.

M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship (MME-TIME) - Residential Track

RWTH Business School / RWTH Aachen University
Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time 3 - 6 semesters October 2019 Germany Aachen + 1 more

Designed for professionals with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) background, the MME-TIME provides you with the skills and tools needed to succeed in the digitized economy.

Master in Software Technology

HFT Stuttgart
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 5 semesters Request Info Germany Stuttgart + 1 more

This three-semester, internationally-oriented course of study is designed to meet the demands of the industry for highly motivated, team-oriented software experts.

Master of Science in International Management

EU Business School
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years October 2019 Germany Munich + 1 more

The MSc is available as a one-year, full-time or two-year, part-time program (90 ECTS) and is designed for aspiring professionals with less than two years of work experience. Students completing the program earn a state-accredited MSc in International Management from the University of Roehampton and a Certificate of Advanced Studies from EU Business School in one of 11 majors. The knowledge and skills gained during the MSc in International Management program will provide a solid foundation for careers in all sectors. You will learn the crucial elements of business and management while developing the acumen required to conduct business matters on an international scale, negotiating time zones, cultures and languages.

Master of Science in Composites

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time Part time 3 semesters Request Info Germany Stade + 1 more

The Master's degree in "Verbundwerkstoffe/Composites" is intended for engineers and graduates of mathematics and natural sciences with professional experience, who would like to gain a qualification in the area of composites via the professional development route. The particular focus of the study program is on both carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP, colloquially known as "carbon") and glass fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP).

MSc in Computer Science

University of Bayreuth
Campus Full time Part time 4 semesters October 2019 Germany Bayreuth + 1 more

The University of Bayreuth’s Department of Computer Science offers two master’s programmes: “Computer Science” and “Applied Computer Science”. One slight difference is that the master’s programme Computer Science is bilingual, with lectures held in both German and English. The master’s programme Computer Science also takes an international approach, and practical project work plays an especially important role.

M.Sc. Corporate Management

University of Applied Sciences Europe
Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4 semesters September 2019 Germany Berlin Iserlohn Hamburg + 3 more

Managers have more demanding jobs than ever. The best companies look for talents with a good mix of professional, organizational, and personal qualifications. Our master’s program in Corporate Management meets these demands, taking you and your skills to the next level.

Master of science psychology with focus on clinical psychology and psychological empowerment

Diploma University of Applied Sciences
Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time 5 semesters Request Info Germany Magdeburg Germany Online + 2 more

The Master's program "Psychology with a focus on clinical psychology and psychological empowerment" is designed for graduates who are looking for a diverse field of work. During the semester five standard period of study in-depth knowledge and expertise of clinical psychology and psychological empowerment with health, preventive and economic issues are innovative and interdisciplinary connected.