MSc in Urbanism


Programme Description


Cities are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and fascination, made by human hands. During the Master in Urbanism at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, you will learn to understand the city in all its complexity and often improbable scale, to make smart strategic development proposals for its future and to make both functional andt attractive design proposals for actual places in the city.

As urban planner, you can translate the desires of citizens, entrepreneurs, and administrators, and the abstract analyses, theories and stories of sociologists, economists, town and country planners, traffic engineers and similar disciplines into concrete and meaningful spatial design proposals; for the street, neighbourhood, district, city and urban region. Furthermore, you will be supplied with all the tools at the Academy to develop into a central and connecting person in the building of the city and to become a versatile and authentic professional.

Interdisciplinary and international

Architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture are independent disciplines but are inextricably linked with each other at the same time. The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture is the only Dutch design study programme that offers these three spatial disciplines in combination. By focusing on the essence and skills of your profession and, at the same time, partly working in interdisciplinary groups, you will be prepared for an integrated professional practice in the current field of work, where there is an increasing demand for your specific design skills within blurring boundaries. Working within an international context is also becoming increasingly important. The Academy also maintains an active network of foreign study programmes, through which students and lecturers are exchanged on a small scale, and is a member of the European Association of Architectural Education (EAAE).

Inspiring environment

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture is a small-scale study programme in the centre of the city. All the elements of the urban landscape that are studied and taught here can be recognized in the context that surrounds us. The city has witnessed both a rich tradition and a lively topical debate in the field of urban planning. Learning about the city goes hand in hand with learning from the city, through using it on a daily basis and experiencing it. At the same time, the work of the students is also valuable to the city itself. Through the designs that the Academy places on the agenda and the designs that the students make, we create a parallel reality time and time again, which can hold its own in terms of the power of expression.

‘At this moment, we are seeing an enormous shift in the role and tasks of the urbanist. We are working in a more integrated and global manner in concert with numerous players. That demands, of course, great breadth and depth of knowledge. You not only learn how you can take on these challenges here, but you are also given the opportunity to actively use this knowledge in practice. It is wonderful to see how personalities are created in this way in whom I have the fullest confidence that they will advance the profession and the living environment.’

Markus Appenzeller, head of the Master in Urbanism

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for 2019-2020:

  • The tuition fees for EEA, Swiss and Surinam 4-year master students will be € 2.128 per year.
  • The tuition fees for non-EEA 4-year master students will be € 8.300 per year.
  • The tuition fees for guest students or free movers (European and non-European) will be € 4.150 per semester.


  • Every student (1st to 3rd year) is obliged to pay an annual contribution of ± € 30 for course materials.
  • Holland Tour in June for 1st year students (± € 250)


  • Excursion for second and third year students (± € 700)
  • Project abroad (± € 500)
Last updated Mar 2019

About the School

We stand for an open and inquiring attitude, for experimentation, and we encourage students to adopt their own position. We consider the city of Amsterdam to be the laboratory for the design assignmen ... Read More

We stand for an open and inquiring attitude, for experimentation, and we encourage students to adopt their own position. We consider the city of Amsterdam to be the laboratory for the design assignments of our students and lecturers. Read Less