MSc in Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling for Oil and Gas Industry


Programme Description

The program is aimed at training highly professional scientists and engineers with the background and practical experience in theoretical mechanics, computational mechanics, mathematical modelling and simulations, and distributed computing.


Upon graduation, the participants will acquire practical skills and fundamental knowledge for professional career development in international engineering or research companies.

Special focus is set on renewable energy, namely, the skills can be applied to reliability and strength analysis of such alternative energy sources as solar panels and wind power equipment, as well as power stations based geo- and hydrothermal energy, and ocean energy.

Programme profile. Major areas of expertise:

  • Advanced knowledge of mathematical modelling and computer simulation, including distributed computing;
  • Fundamental knowledge of mechanics, including thin-walled structures, waves, thermodynamics, and micromechanics;
  • Computational mechanics (FEM; CAD/CAE software; CFD packages) and optimization techniques;
  • Reliability and strength analysis in context of renewable energy sources;
  • Publishing and scientific research work.

Key Points

  • The graduates will have an opportunity to work in research institutes, centers, and laboratories.They will be able to find employment at R&D and engineering departments of oil and gas, car-making, power, and engineering, or aerospace industries among others.
  • The balanced combination of the theoretical courses in mechanics and mathematics with the practical exercises, workshops and IT training sessions, simulations and distributed computing.
  • Unique opportunities for international academic mobility: a semester abroad at one of SPbPU partner universities.
  • An unrivaled opportunity for Russian and international students to participate together in SPbPU academic and extracurricular activities.
Last updated June 2019

About the School

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