MSc Process Safety


Programme Description

The program is designed to accommodate the ever-increasing demand and a shortage of process safety professionals in Malaysia and also in Asia Pacific region. The recent statistics in Malaysia show a tremendous development of Major Hazard Installations and Non-Major Hazard Installations indicating the requirement for more process safety engineers to manage process safety hazards. The requirement to have competent process safety practitioners with advanced process safety knowledge is not only to meet the regulatory requirement but also important to prevent major incidents such as fire, explosion and toxic release to protect the people, environment, asset and reputation. Therefore, by working closely with a leading institution, Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC), UTP has developed a distinctive and leading MSc Process Safety program in this region.

The MSc in Process Safety program will support the recently proposed advancement of safety regulations in Malaysia through the improvement of Control of Major Accident Hazard (CIMAH) 1996 regulations to embed Process Safety Management (PSM) standard by inculcating the PSM elements at all levels in the lifecycle of the plant. Students with a background in engineering and science degrees will be capable of integrating their fundamentals knowledge to further enhance the industrial activities from process safety point of view to produce safer industries.

The aim of offering MSc in Process Safety is to provide graduates and practicing engineers with advanced knowledge of safer design and operation of the processing plant to prevent major accidents specifically fire, explosion and toxic release. The objective of the program is to produce graduates who are able to apply process safety knowledge and manage risk towards prevention, mitigation, and response to major accidents and losses in a process installation.

Entry Requirement

Bachelor Degree Graduate

  • Candidates must possess a good Bachelor degree in Engineering/Science or equivalent with minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00


Practicing Engineers

  • Bachelor Degree Graduate with minimum 3 years working experience

English Requirement

  • A minimum TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent
  • Applicants who are native English speakers or holding a degree in English as the medium of instruction may be exempted from this requirement.

Course Structure

The content of the modules is jointly developed with Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC), US. The modules have also been evaluated by the experts from the oil and gas industry in Malaysia and outside Malaysia such as Australia and the United States. The course is designed to attract fresh graduates and working professionals.

For the first batch of this MSc, the instructor will be from MKOPSC, while other batches will involve the team-teaching of UTP faculty members and Process Safety practitioners from industries. There are 5 core courses, 7 technical electives courses (choose 3), 2 management electives courses and a project to be completed over the entire study.

Programme Curriculum Structure

Courses Credit Hours
Principles of Process Safety Management 4
Principles of Hazard Analysis & Risk Management 3
System Safety Engineering 3
Safe Design and Operation 4
Human Factors 3
Fire & Explosion Engineering 3
Industrial Hygiene Engineering 3
Quantitative Risk Assessment 3
Process Plant Integrity & Reliability 3
Incident Prevention & Emergency Management 3
Environmental Risk & Impact Assessment 3
Corrosion Engineering 3
Project Management (Core) 2
Engineering Economy (Elective) 2
Strategic Management (Elective) 2
Industrial/Research-Based Project 10


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Perak, Malaysia
Menara Bank Rakyat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Programme Manager:
Dr Risza Rusli (

Last updated Jan 2018

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