Master of Arts Degree in the Montgomery in the USA

Best MA Degrees in the Montgomery in the USA 2017


Masters degrees are more versatile than doctoral qualifications and have a broad range of professional and academic applications. According to the U.S. Department of Education, three types of masters programs exist research, professional, and terminal. The most popular masters degree types are Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) in a mixture of subject fields.

The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominate the world rankings and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations. State university systems are partially subsidized by state governments, and may have many campuses spread around the state, with hundreds of thousands of students.

MA Programs in the Montgomery in the USA

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Master of Arts (M.A.) in History

Alabama State University
Campus Full time September 2017 USA Montgomery

The Department of History and Political Science welcomes all those desiring to study history and political science in a city shaped by both. A number of us who teach at ASU are civil rights babies — born during or in the wake of the movement. [+]

Best MAs in the Montgomery in the USA. ASU faculty, including Department of History and Political Science faculty members, taught as well as fought to secure full citizenship rights for all. Department historian L. D. ([Paul] Lawrence Dunbar) Reddick became, in the words of Dr. King, the “historian of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.” English faculty Jo Ann Robinson and Mary Fair Burks founded in 1946 the Women’s Political Caucus, the lead organization in the 1955-1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott. Accepting the charge put forth by leaders such as Theodore Parker, Dr. King and President Barack Obama that the “moral arc of the universe . . . bends toward justice,” history and political science students ponder societal discrimination and disparities and consider how to use their skills and knowledge to effect positive change and to assert, as the UN Charter does, that “Everyone is entitled to all rights and freedoms . . . without distinction of any kind,” and that “the will of the people shall be the basis of authority of government . . .” The Department prepares students to create a just world, whether as public servants, teachers, attorneys, researchers or civil employees. A diverse and talented faculty corps holds doctorates from the Universities of Auburn, Clark-Atlanta, Emory, Georgia, Howard, Iowa, LSU, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Sussex (England), UCLA, Washington in St. Louis, and Wisconsin. High accomplishments both in the class and in the field define the work of faculty and students. The Department of History and Political Science welcomes... [-]