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Technology Studies

An MA or Master of Arts degree is obtained by students after completing a one- to two-year program studying History, English or other fine arts or humanities subjects. MA studies are most often a mix of research and coursework.

One of the greatest aspects of technology is that when it is embedded in machines and devices, most of the time the individual operating the machine or device does not need to understand the specifics of how the technology works. For example, someone using a computer does not need to understand the mechanics of the hard drive to benefit from using it.

Estonia is among other things known for its forests (they make up almost half of the territory) and for being the only country in Europe with almost total 4G network coverage. Estonia provides high-level and internationally recognized education, and many universities in the country offer degree programs in English.

MA Program in Technology Studies in Estonia

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Master in Innovation and Technology Management

University of Tartu
Campus Full time September 2018 Estonia Tartu

The programme educates specialists who are able to implement ICT solutions to management processes of enterprises. [+]

Top MAs in Technology Studies in Estonia. The Innovation and Technology programme educates specialists who are able to implement ICT solutions to management processes of enterprises and thus help companies to grow through more added value created. Qualified students should have a bachelor's degree in economy or ICT related field. Upon successful graduation, a student: has an overview of innovation theories and innovation policy has deep knowledge in the application of innovation or technology management is able to collect, analyse and interpret data of company from strategic and operational level to measure productivity of the company is able to use different methods to analyse company business processes to propose improvements and to measure implementation efficency is able to do business with digital products and manage those is familiar with developments in technology is collaborative and can communicate with different stakeholders, is able to lead meetings and workshops Graduates can work as innovation or process managers in any company that is already implementing or planning to implement ICT solutions in their processes. Students also have the ability to start their own company, especially as a consultation business in implementing ICT solutions, or work in public sector in the filed of innovation policy or digitalisation. The University of Tartu belongs to the TOP 1.2% of the world's best universities (QS and THE rankings). It is located in Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, which is known as the Student Capital of Estonia. 13 000 students are enrolled at the University of... [-]

MA in Technology Governance

Tallinn University of Technology
Campus Full time August 2018 Estonia Tallinn

The Master’s programme in Technology Governance leads to a technology-focused graduate degree in the fields of Public Administration, Innovation/Industrial Policy, Development Economics, and E-Governance. [+]

Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Social Sciences (Technology Governance), (MA) Workload: 120 ECTS Language of instruction: English Duration: 2 years Pre-Requisites: Bachelor degree or equivalent. Candidates with a diverse background are welcome, from social sciences, history to engineering and natural sciences. Previous work experience in the public sector and contacts with the field of public administration or economics would be of benefit Tuition fees and scholarships: 1 ECTS = 50 EUR. Nominal study load per 1 year = 60 ECTS. Tuition fee for the whole study period is €3750. 1 tuition fee waiver scholarship available that guarantees free studies. Detailed information about the scholarship is available here Number of places available: 10 ... [-]