MA in Languages in Estonia

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A Master of Arts or MA is a graduate degree typically earned after a program of study of the fine arts, humanities, social sciences or other, similar concentrations. These programs tend to last one to two years.

Estonia is a democratic parliamentary republic divided into fifteen counties, with its capital and largest city being Tallinn. Estonia has 12 public and 8 private universities. The oldest university in the country is the University of Tartu, established in 1632.

M.A. in Languages in Estonia

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Master in European Languages and Cultures

University of Tartu
Campus Full time September 2019 Estonia Tartu

The master's programme provides knowledge and skills in a modern or classical language and culture. [+]

The European Languages and Cultures master's programme trains students to be cultural mediators (translators, administrators, editors, etc.) by providing knowledge and skills in a modern or classical language and culture. The programme covers 7 areas of speciality (students focus on one):

English language and literature French language and literature Spanish language and literature Russian and Slavic philology German language and literature Scandinavian languages and literature Classical philology

The graduates will be competitive candidates for careers in professions that require excellent proficiency in foreign languages and cultural competence in state institutions, universities and research institutions, IT companies, museums, publishing houses cultural exchange organisations in Estonia and abroad.... [-]