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Human geography is typically the study of how people affect change on their localized environments, and how the geographic location of specific groups of people affects most facets of life including their economy, community, and cultural values.

Master of Arts Program in Human Geography

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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU)

The master's program "Human Geography: Globalisation, Media and Culture" focuses on renegotiating geographical relations between culture and society in the course of glob ... [+]


The focus of our M.A. program “Human Geography: Globalisation, Media, and Culture” lies on the re-negotiation of the (power) relation between space, society, and culture in the current era of late post-modern globalization. Specific emphasis is on the questions: How are these new or transformed relations medially conveyed? Which socio-cultural challenges are raised by this? How can these problems be addressed politically?

Media-sensitive cultural geography is key in times when digital technologies permeate all spheres of our life and substantially change our communication and “geo-positioning” in the world. Communication equipment continues to be miniaturized and mobilized. Furthermore, we are experiencing a huge surge in mapping and geo-coded positioning. Thus, a new form of geographical awareness is arising, meaning we are set out on an entirely renewed interest in space, regions, and places. The geographical media content of the program is, therefore, devoted to analyzing newly arranged global geographies.... [-]

Germany Mainz
October 2019
Full time
Part time
4 semesters
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