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The MA degree is primarily for students who want to improve their general mathematics education or to teach.

Some learners may choose to educate themselves, although most education is conducted under the guidance of a teacher or instructor. Higher education is often supervised by a professor. Education can occur in a wide variety of settings, either informal or formal.


Australia education is mainly the responsibility of the government. The government fully funds the public university education while it partially funds the private university education. Australia being an English-spoken country, most of students from countries whose english is the first language often loves studying in this country

Master of Arts Degree in Education in Australia

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Master of Arts (TESOL)

Bond University
Campus or Online Full time 54  January 2018 Australia Robina

The Master of Arts (TESOL) program provides language teacher education in teaching and learning English as a second / additional language. [+]

Top Master of Art Degrees in Education in Australia. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework Level 7 Bachelor degree or equivalent in education, language, linguistics, applied linguistics or language related disciplines at an approved institution; or Recognised qualification in teacher education; OR hold an undergraduate degree, plus a certification in TESOL plus a minimum five years experience in teaching English. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Master of Arts (TESOL) program provides language teacher education in teaching and learning English as a second / additional language. The program aims to prepare prospective teachers of English as a Second Language for their future career and to assist current TESOL teachers in extending their professional knowledge. Subject content covers theoretical aspects of language, language teaching, language acquisition and the practical applications of these in language teaching. The Master of Arts (TESOL) prepares teachers for an international career in the diverse global world. PROGRAM STRUCTURE Dependent on commencement of program and Option Choice, students can choose from the below listed subjects. Foundation Subjects (7) Research Methods in Humanities and Social Sciences Teaching English in Diverse Contexts Professional Practice in Language Teaching Nature of Language Second Language Learners Language in Society Language Teacher Skills Option Choice: You may choose either the Minor or Major Option. Minor (50cp) Supervised Project in TESOL A 10CP OR English in Professional Context Supervised Project in TESOL B 10cp Language Assessment and Evaluation Plus two of the following three subjects dependent upon subject availability. World Englishes Learning Through Observation Curriculum... [-]