MA in New Technologies for Arts


Programme Description

The new Two-year MA in New Technologies for Arts, together with the BA in Media Design and Multimedia Arts, and the BA in Creative Technologies, explores the complexity of a world managed and interpreted by deep learning, data visualization, biodata, and AI, through the creative expression of experimental media and new technologies.

The program provides practical and theoretical foundations to find innovative artistic and expressive ways of restoring reality to audiovisual productions, made possible by the use of Creative Coding, Human-Computer Interaction, X-reality, Interaction Design, generative Visual and Sound Design.

The program is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) as a Master Of Arts Degree (120 CFA).

First Year

Among the subjects:

Creative Writing, Multimedia Design I, Digital Cultures I, Multimedia Design II, Digital Cultures II, Linear Audiovisuals

Second Year

Among the subjects:

Digital Applications for Art, Multimedia Design III, New Media Aesthetics, Project Culture, Multimedia Design IV

Study Abroad Opportunities

Through exchange programs, NABA's International Office encourages and supports students wishing to study abroad.

The office promotes educational experiences at numerous prestigious international partner universities worldwide. Thanks to this vast international network, students at NABA are able to spend periods of study abroad, enriching their educational curriculum and laying the groundwork for increasingly international future careers.

International study opportunities are mainly provided as part of the Erasmus+ project promoted by the European Commission, the International Exchange Programme for destinations outside of Europe, the Semester Abroad Programme at the Galileo Global Education and short summer courses.

NABA counts more than 50 cooperation agreements with European academies and universities through the Erasmus+ Programme; the Academy also counts more than 20 international cooperation agreements with several universities outside Europe.

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Professional Perspectives

  • Technical and concept artist
  • Creative coder
  • Interaction designer
  • Creative technologist
  • AI expert
  • Creative producer
  • Interactive storyteller
  • VR and MR expert
  • Game designer
  • Film documentary director, scriptwriter, cinematographer


NABA's Career Service helps students and graduates identify and apply for internships and staff positions with prospective employers. 89% of NABA graduates find employment during the first year after graduation (data certified by Ipsos Observer regarding 2015 NABA graduates). Students also receive advice and assistance in drafting their résumés, writing job search letters, and organizing their professional portfolios.


NABA has developed strong relationships with leading companies which provide internships for NABA students. Among them are: Armani Hotel, Giulio Iacchetti, Studio Bestenheider, Vittorio Martini 1866, Giochi Preziosi, Intégral Ruedi Baur et Associés, The Swatch Group, Giorgio Armani, Pininfarina Extra, Tagua, Azimut-Benetti, Bonetto Design International, Alta Design & Engineering, AAAHHHAAA, Forchets, Studio di architettura Amedeo Guidobono Cavalchini, Aldo Cibic – Cibicworkshop, Progetto CMR Engineering, Integrated Services S.r.l., Abad Architetti S.r.l., Festina Italia, Zanotta, Luxottica, Studio Italo Rota & Partners, Giugiaro Architettura, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Luceplan, Ikea Italia Retail, 3M ITALIA, Yellow Office, Studio Lissoni Associati, Studio Barreca & Lavarra, Uragano Studio, Veneta Cucine, Dado Arredamenti.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, is an internationally renowned art and design academy. Founded in 1980, NABA is the largest private art academy in Italy. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degree ... Read More

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, is an internationally renowned art and design academy. Founded in 1980, NABA is the largest private art academy in Italy. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Italian and in English that are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Read Less
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