MA Programme


Programme Description

MA Programme

Who is the programme for?

Senior executives, Consultants, Coaches, Activists

  • Can do this from existing roles within their own organisations or through developing skills in organisational consultancy.

We anticipate that the Programme will appeal to those who hold:

  • Senior positions in their work
  • Feel challenged by the new issues they face
  • Are seeking a sound, disciplined way of advancing their own practice
  • Are men and women who wish to develop their effectiveness in leading and managing organisational transformations in ways that liberate others to make a difference in those organisations.
  • Come from a range of faith and spirituality positions, from the major traditions to those who do not profess a religious belief.

What they want to do:

  • To develop ways of leading, managing and consulting to organisations that free others to make a difference in their work.
  • To draw on their values and beliefs in practical ways in their work.

How they get involved -participation is designed to be as flexible as possible:

  • the MA can be begun at any time
  • taking part includes 40 hours of personal one-to-one work, conferences, seminars & workshops.
What previous participants have said:

'I knew next to nothing about Organisational Analysis when I enrolled in the MA programme but it's been the best decision of my career so far. As I look at it now I cannot believe how lucky I was to stumble upon it - although it had to be more than luck which led me to the Grubb! I was ready for a huge challenge and this journey is certainly that. I struggled to find a more comprehensive learning programme that deals with you as a person in your role, and puts everything in such profound perspective and focus that you're able to make a difference in all domains of your life, most significantly at work and in the world. The fact that you're learning alongside people from across the globe with all sorts of roles and responsibilities further expands the possibility of learning and connecting on a wider level. What makes this different to other programmes on offer? You get all the learning, skills and experience you're after, as well as all the stuff you never knew you needed, or already had.'

Organisational Consultant

'Allows me to manage more efficiently and effectively the intangibles of my organisation.'

Business Consultant and Business School Professor

'I now recognise clearly what I can do to support the purpose of the organisation'

Head of Learning & Development, Global Engineering Company, The Netherlands

MA Programme Structure

Role Consultations

Each participant has their own Role Consultant. Over the Programme, there are 20 scheduled personal Role Consultations. In these two-hour sessions, the work is to analyse the lived experience of their own working roles. These sessions will normally take place face-to-face, by telephone, or through a VOIP/webcam link. Experiential Learning Conference The Passion Purpose Potency Event is a residential 8-day event sponsored by The Grubb Institute. Focusing on the Conference as a temporary institution, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to become aware of the unconscious and systemic processes which are always present in organisations, but often not attended to. It attracts an international membership and staff. Participants are encouraged to take part in this conference as early as possible in the Programme.


These two-day Seminars present in an iterative way the key concepts in the Transforming Experience Framework (see below) which underpins the Programme’s approach to analysing organisations. Each Seminar consists of presentations, discussions, exercises and time for reflection on the experience of taking the role of participant in the Programme.

There are five Seminars altogether, entitled:

  • Experience of Being a Connected Person
  • Experience of Living and Working Together
  • Experience in Organisations and Institutions
  • Freedom to Make a Difference: the Significance of Working to Purpose
  • Leading OrganisationalTransformation.

Participants choose to take part in two Seminars in the first year, and three in the second year. The order in which one takes part can be chosen in relation to one’s own work and other priorities. Seminars are timed to coincide with Workshops but can be attended separately if that is more convenient.


Each two-day Workshop provides opportunities to practice using the skills of Organisational Analysis through a variety of exercises and methodologies designed to develop skills in analysing current working experiences, brought to the Workshop by participants. Participation is expected in two Workshops in the first year and three Workshops in the second year. As with the Seminars, one can choose the order in which one takes part. Workshops are timed to coincide with Seminars but can be attended separately if that is more convenient.


The purpose of the project, based in one’s own organisation, is to think through in depth the way one goes about making a difference in a working system, showing the use of Organisational Analysis skills, concepts, theories and methodologies in practice. It also provides opportunities to show how one mobilises the gifts, knowledge and experience of others one leads and for whose work one is responsible. Projects typically last 6-12 months.


The full fee for the Programme is 15,000 GBP, paid in three instalments over the period of participation (Usually 6,000 GBP=Module 1, 6,000 GBP=Module 2 and 3,000=Module 3). This covers all tutor costs for the Being Meaning Engaging Conference, role consultations, seminars, workshops etc. Some bursaries and scholarships are available.AccreditationSuccessful participation in the Programme leads to a Master's Degree awarded by the University of East London.

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