Master in Data Science


Programme Description

The MASTER in Data Science is the first Master in Aragon that unites the technical knowledge and business vision necessary to succeed in the area of greatest impact and growth in the present and in the coming years: the science of data.

The MiDS is called to be the Master of reference in Aragon, and future nationally and internationally, by the level of its teachers, the requirement to students and the methodology of the case study used. The MiDS has LUCA AI Powered Decisions as an academic and initial technology partner.

The MiDS is a Master's Degree taught by CESTE that is based on 3 fundamental principles:

  • Teaching Quality: The first level teachers, who are absolutely attached to the business reality in different industries, ensure maximum use by the students, with a 100% added value content focused on practical cases.
  • Actuality Via Companies: The structure of the Master will allow working from the first day in real practical cases that will allow the student to develop an experience in all areas related to Data Science.
  • Direct Access to the Sector: The MiDS ensures professional practices in the industry, as well as permanent access to the sector through the different technological and business partners that make up the list of MiDS partners: Telefónica LUCA, Everis, PiperLab, AJE Aragón ... among many others.

Who is oriented

The MiDS is oriented to 2 different student profiles:

  • Newly graduated in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and / or Statistics who want to give a practical sense to their training and be oriented towards the discipline of greater current and future projection in companies.
  • Professionals from related sectors with this training already overcome and with proven experience who want to recycle both in their company and open up to a change within this discipline.

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The goal of the MiDS is to annually train a small and highly selective number of students (between 15-20) as the greatest experts in Data Science and all its disciplines, both theoretically and in practice, so that "from minute 1 "Get out working in the industry.

The MiDS is characterized by the following attributes. It is essential that the student potential @ is aware of them and analyse if it meets all the requirements:

  • Intense: 340 hours, with classes of 5 hours on Friday afternoons, 5 hours on Saturday mornings and 5 hours on Saturday afternoons, during 23 weekends, from October to May.
  • Complete: modules that cover the entire spectrum of subjects required within Data Science, with deliverables by teams at the end of each module. Therefore, the Master is compatible with a job, but requires a dedication of maximum personal exigencia./li
  • Current: Both the professors and the practical cases are linked to the most current reality, as a way to put into practice in an environment as real as possible the knowledge acquired from the first moment.
  • Demanding: From an initial test of admission in September, to day to day, with constant tests, we want to make sure that those who study the MiDS are prepared for any challenge.
  • Referent: The best multinational companies in the sector provide teachers, practical cases and a relational network that will allow students to immerse themselves immediately in the reality of the industry.
  • Ambitious: In later editions, the MiDS will be exported to other regions and countries, with a face-to-face and online format.


The MiDS is structured in the following 10 modules:

  1. Data Economy. Big Data Introduction
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Data Strategy
  4. Data Culture
  5. Data Privacy
  6. Hadoop Ecosystem
  7. Spark Ecosystem
  8. Data Visualization
  9. Data Engineering
  10. Data Science


The methodology used in the MiDS is that of the practical case, in classes of 5 hours duration in which the common thread in each class will be a practical case that the teacher, with the help of the students will rehearse for its maximum understanding.

In parallel, the student must develop a deliverable teamwork at the end of each module, which must be presented to a court in charge of assessing it. The sum of the 8 deliverables will conform the level of the student at the end of the MiDS.



Students who successfully pass the program automatically receive the following degree:

Master in Data Science (MiDS)

Admission process

Interested students who download this document will receive a personalized call to address their interest and close an online meeting to address all potential doubts that the student has.

Subsequently, if the student maintains his interest, he will be interviewed personally at the CESTE facilities, at which time he will also undergo a technical admission test conducted by industry professionals.

If admitted, the student must formalize 50% of the registration fee before the start of the course in October, and the remaining 50% before November 30.

Many possibilities for internships ... For this it is essential that you send us the CV

Last updated December 2019

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