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Do you want to develop an entrepreneur project with success?

Finally all you need to be an entrepreneur with free time, good income and developing a meaningful activity in your life.

Most entrepreneurs would like to know the practical keys to achieve success in their project as well as the secrets of great entrepreneurs.

The problem is that they do not have the time or money to access this information.

Nor the ability to know who are the best professionals to learn what they really need.

The Master of Entrepreneurs of Instituto Pensamiento Positivo is a program aimed at providing the knowledge with which any entrepreneur or entrepreneur must have to lead their professional and personal life to the next level.

Unlike other programs that only pay attention to training in more professional skills, our learning system pays attention not only to the professional development of the participants but also puts the focus on their personal development.

Our goal is that when you finish the Master you have the attitude, resources and tools necessary to take your entrepreneurial project to the place you want.

This Master is interested if ...

You want

Undertake and do not have the information, motivation or resources necessary to do it successfully.

You are

Enterprising and you already have a project but it does not just go as you would like.

You want

Reinvent your career and your personal future.


To the entrepreneurs and want to know how to do it in a more professional way

What will you learn in this Master?

In the Master of Entrepreneurs you will have access to the attitude, inspiration and skills necessary so that you can take your project exactly to the place you want.

This is what matters most to us: we want you to learn and then put it into practice. At the Instituto Pensamiento Positivo we only focus on what is really important. We do not dedicate our time to get institutional seals or official recognitions that is why this Master in an unofficial program. We are completely focused on you. We care about you and the success of your project.

This is what you will learn in the Master of Entrepreneurs

Personal development

  • Break with old beliefs that allow you to free your talent.
  • Know yourself, deepening your personality and also understand the personality of others.
  • Press the internal triggers to move from thinking to action and have an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Discover what you want to dedicate yourself to or find new ways of expressing it in case you already have it clear.
  • Understand the current professional and work dynamics that goes from capitalism to talent.

Heating up motors

  • Design a business model and test them to verify their viability.
  • Implement prototyping techniques to be able to test the validity of your business model as soon as possible.
  • Start creativity techniques that will allow you to develop innovative ideas.
  • Techniques of time management and productivity so that you have the time to do everything you want.
  • Implement tools with a step-by-step system to manage projects and new ideas.

Your relationship with money

  • Everything you need to know in tax and legal matters to take advantage of tax and commercial regulations.
  • How to find sources of financing to finance projects, the new regulation for entrepreneurs as well as credit sources such as business angels or seed capital.
  • Know how to create a Crowdfunding campaign.

To sell your project!

  • Get the media to talk about you without spending a single euro, which will provide visibility to your project.
  • The online marketing tools where you will learn how to write sales letters, how to develop your online sales platform as well as how to create a community or tribe around your project.
  • Commercial techniques to be able to do cold door successfully, which will forever mark the difference in your business results.
  • How to use social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or your blog, to boost your business.
  • How to develop a compelling pitch elevator and a moving storytelling.
  • How to create a personal brand that makes you become the preferred option in the market.

Today we know exactly what to do to achieve success in every area of ​​life. This master gives you access to this knowledge. Possibly within many years you would also acquire it on your own but the price and time spent would undoubtedly be much higher.

Do you want to know how we are different?

This is what you get from the Master of Entrepreneurs

  1. Successful entrepreneurs
    It is a Master of Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Today, you will not find so much talent together in a Master in Spain. Seriously, check out our teachers. Is awesome.

  2. Entrepreneurial ecosystem
    Upon entering the Master's you will have access to contacts, resources and ideas from the entrepreneurial field, which will accelerate your development.

  3. Personal development professional development.
    We know that your business will grow as much as you grow as a person, that's why we focus on knowing your life purpose and improving your creativity, empathy, communication skills.

  4. Practical. But really practical.
    You will finish the Master with information ready to be implemented so that you can revolutionize your life and your project.


NOur commitment is to offer you only those contents that will truly generate value in your personal and professional development. We do not believe especially in titles or institutional seals but we believe in generating a program that provides value, that is why this Master is unofficial, being exclusively a title of Instituto Pensamiento Positivo . However, we believe in the results. What matters to us -and a lot- is to have the best training systems taught by the best professionals. That is why we have designed a program focused on what you need to achieve success in your project.

The program has four differentiated blocks.

Part 1. Personal development

It is time for you to get to know yourself better, for you to really know who you are and how this can help you boost your project. You will learn the MDE training system [readings, habits and jobs] you will learn to develop your entrepreneurial attitude, you will know yourself through the enneagram, you will have fun while you learn and develop your business model with lego serious play, you will know the socioeconomic and political context In the creation of companies, you will learn what to do as well as formulas to develop all your talent.

  • Introduction to the MDE information system
  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Personal development and leadership with Enneagram
  • Dribbble
  • Creativity and innovation with Lego
  • Socioeconomic and political context in the creation of companies
  • Entrepreneurial leadership: discover what to do
  • Develop your entrepreneurial talent

Part 2. Heating engines

Now you will start to think about your project and for that we will work on the development of systems that help you describe and document it. We will work hard on the design and validation of your business model. You will learn prototyping techniques and project management. You will also learn tools to increase your personal and professional productivity.

  • Management systems
  • Business models
  • Productivity and time management
  • Project management
  • Mentoring
  • Mastermind: collective intelligence
  • Strategic planning

Part 3. A new relationship with money

To improve as entrepreneurs but also as people we need to improve the relationship we have with money. You will know how VAT works and IRPF. You will also know how to find funding sources such as business angels and crowfunding.

  • Financing instruments 1: Crowdfunding
  • Financing instruments 2: Business Angels
  • Introduction to taxation: How to talk with your manager
  • Valuation of companies: How to sell your company

Part 4. Time to sell your project

You already know yourself better and you know what your project is, you have already validated your business model and accounts with funding sources ... now you just need to learn how to offer all the value your project brings to the world. You will train in the way you speak in public, you will work on your personal brand, you will create a powerful storytelling, you will know the marketing tools to sell online that really work, and you will know the tricks to get out in the media without spending a single euro.

As if this were not enough, you will know how to manage social networks to boost your business and you will learn to make money with your blog: in this block you will get the keys to increase the sales of your project.

  • How to speak in public
  • Commercial management and sales. Learn to close sales and sell cold door
  • Personal brand
  • Online marketing How to sell your products on the internet?
  • Copywriting. Write hypnotic texts that attract your customers
  • Social networks. Boost your business virally
  • Blog design Get customers and earn money with your blog
  • Storytelling
  • Media: How to get them to mention you in the news?


It is a unique program because ...

It is taught by excellent professionals in each of the areas.

We offer it at a price without competition in terms of the number of hours and the quality of the training you will receive [Please compare with similar programs].

The price of the Master is € 4,800. It is an exceptional price to facilitate that any entrepreneur can access this program.

Also, in case you want to finance it, you can pay it in installments without interest.

In any case, we give you our word of honor that what you are going to learn is worth a thousand times this amount and that applying only a small part of the information you will have at the end of the Master has the potential to drive your Life to the next level and transform life and your business or project forever.

We will be delighted that you ask the current students of the Master of Entrepreneurs and that they themselves will tell you.

If you wish, you can spend any Friday or Saturday and ask the students since they are our best guarantee.

Applying what you will learn will allow you to recover the investment.

The Master of Entrepreneurs also offers you as additional bonuses:

  • BONUS 1. Friday Vipp [assistance to talks by entrepreneurs of recognized prestige].
  • BONUS 2. Group mentorship [to follow up your project with the help of an expert].
  • BONUS 3. Class Recovery [The possibility of recovering three sessions that you could miss].

It also offers you:

  • Small group
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • IPP Alumni [participate in the meeting of former students]

Sign up

To guarantee your place in the Master of Entrepreneurs of Instituto Pensamiento Positivo , you can write to fabian at institutopensamientopositivo dot com or call 34 695 267 635, where we will confirm if there are free places for the next call.

Friday VIPP

On Fridays, at the end of the Master of Entrepreneurship sessions, we invite successful entrepreneurs to share with us what their entrepreneurial life has been like: when they got it right, how they made a mistake, how they started with their idea ... If you want to enjoy an hour of inspiration and leave with the batteries on, you are invited, for free.

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