International Master in Management (MiM)


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Programme Description

The program represents an unbeatable opportunity for recent graduates and young professionals with up to 3 years of experience who want to build the way to positions of responsibility in the company, applying a method that allows the student to exploit all their leadership and potential. And this is achieved by bringing content and interests closer, consolidating knowledge of the latest management techniques necessary to achieve professional success in a global, dynamic and diverse environment.

Access Profile

  • Due to its multidisciplinary nature, the master's degree is focused on graduates and graduates from multiple academic origins.
  • Biosanitary (Pharmacy, Veterinary, Biotechnology, Chemical).
  • Technicians (Engineers of all specialties, architects, etc.).
  • Social (Law, Psychology, Public Relations, History and Humanities).
  • Company (ADE, Economics, Marketing, Advertising, etc.).
  • With no or little professional experience. Their specialization itineraries allow access from multiple academic origins and for students to personalize the course of the master's degree.


All the subjects and subjects consist of an exhaustive academic follow-up, in such a way that they will be evaluated by different methods: practical cases, exhibitions, group work, exams, etc., which will form the student's file.
The first year the student will develop the common and bilingual part in Management since October, continuing from March the chosen sectorial itinerary.

In parallel, he will develop the Final Master Project, as well as paid professional practices in companies aimed at putting value on the knowledge that is being acquired, and having a first access to the labour market.

In the event that the student attends the International Diploma Programme at the University of California, Berkeley Extension, it will be developed during the second course, with a duration of four months, and will cover different business subjects, to be chosen by the student.

In the period from January to April of this second year, internships will be developed by the University of California, Berkeley Extension. The international part of the program will be monitored and advised by CEU lnstitute far Advanced Management.

1. Common Trunk

  • Financial Management - FINANCE
    • Financial Accounting
    • Cost analysis
    • Management control
    • Financial Management
    • International Finance and Internationalization of the Company.
  • Marketing and Sales - MARKETING
  • Marketing mix
  • Strategic marketing
  • Research and Marketing Plan. Digital marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Sales and Commercial Management
  • Operations and Quality Management - OPERATIONS
  • Operations and Quality Management. Supply
  • People Management - HUMAN RESOURCES
  • People Management
  • Talent management
  • Internal Communication of the Company
  • Environment - GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT
  • Economic environment
  • Basic Principles of Company Law
  • Geoeconomy and International Strategy
  • Strategic Management - STRATEGY
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Information technology
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Change management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Skills - PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
  • CCL Leadership Essentials
  • Tools for decision-making
  • Personal Branding
  • Teamwork, Making Decisions, Effective Presentations. Negotiation
  • Business English Tranining
  • Tools for business English, and its use in business environments by the student.

2. Specialization Itineraries (choose 1 option)

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    • The Market of the production of Medicines
    • Tools for business development
    • Development of Commercial Strategies
    • Industrial management
    • Pharmaceutical Marketing
    • Biotechnology. Healthcare products and cosmetics
    • Operations and Quality Systems
    • Logistics and distribution. Hospital Sector
    • Commercial Effectiveness Hospital Equipment and Distribution.
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • New Marketing Channels: Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • E-Commerce and M-Commerce
  • Management of Digital Brand Reputation
  • Marketing Skills and Capabilities
  • Workshops and practical cases. Organizational Leadership
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fundamentals of Economic-Financial Analysis
  • Business Valuation Methodologies
  • Project Finance
  • The Capital Markets as a Financing Alternative for the Company
  • Refinancing and Restructuring of Corporate Debt
  • Fusions and acquisitions. Risk Capital
  • Compliance
  • General Concepts of Compliance, Leadership, Culture and Business Ethics
  • Risk Management
  • Elements of a Compliance program
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance
  • Criminal Liability of the Legal Person and Prevention of Criminal Risk
  • Most relevant regulations
  • New technologies
  • Fashion industry
  • Global Environment of the Fashion industry
  • Trends, Life Cycle and Components
  • Processes of Management, Control and Logistics
  • Marketing and Communication Strategies in the Fashion and Design Sector
  • Point of Sale Management

3. International Programme (optional)

  • Berkeley International Extension - IDP Internship
    • International Diploma Programme in: (4 or 8 months)
      • Entrepreurneship
      • Global Business Management
      • Business Administration
      • Finance
      • Marketing
      • Project Management
    • Internship. Internship in the San Francisco area (CA) after passing the selection and admission process (4 months)

4. Professional practices in Spain

  • Paid internships in companies from different sectors and functional areas

5. Final Master Project

  • Preparation of a PFM by specialties, working groups, tutors, and with two possible strategic approaches:
    • Business Plan or Business Case
    • Project analysis of a part of an organisation


Provide students with top-quality tools to develop their professional future in the business world, knowing and knowing how to develop in all the professional development opportunities that are opened.

The Master in Management enhances his career with the student who personalizes his master:

  • Bilingual common trunk
  • Specific training itineraries
  • Paid professional practices
  • International program at the University of California

These itineraries make of the International Master in Management of the CEU IAM Business School a program of first nature that enhances the student: internationalization, security in the knowledge of business tools, internships in companies
and specific development itineraries, positioning students in an unbeatable position in front of the labour market.

Admission process

  • Application for admission documentation
  • Access test
  • Personal interview
  • Admission Committee

Application for admission documentation:
Complete this application for admission accompanied by the following documents:

  • Copy of the DNI / NIF or Passport
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificate of university degree and academic record
  • A photography

Access test:
The Access Test consists of a battery of questions with multiple answers in which the numerical, verbal agility and the compression of texts are evaluated. This test can be done in person at our headquarters or online.

Personal interview:
In the personal interview, the personal and professional objectives of the candidate are analyzed as well as the fit of this with the program.

Admission Committee:
The admissions committee will assess and inform the candidate in writing of the admission result within two weeks.

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