International master of photography, art and contemporary thought


Programme Description

The International Master of Photography, Art and Contemporary Thought - Current, ambitious and career - is designed for artists, researchers and cultural agents who see their activity as a fundamental element of social development and wish to register their reflection and practice in a framework of production and exchange of critical knowledge and postdisciplinario.

At the core of the program is the belief that photography, as well as being characterized by its interdependence with infinite fields of knowledge, is unique among the visual arts for their ability to bind and catalyze refreshingly unexpected and theoretical reflection and action; reality and representation; speeches and technologies; imagination and experience; forms and functions; knowledge and behaviors.



  • Qualification: Master Degree
  • Credits: 40 ECTS
  • Hours: Check
  • Mode: Barcelona
  • Language: Castilian and English
  • Semester: October to June.


The objective of the Master, designed around the concept of transpedagogía, is to offer its participants - from the perspective of making art, specifically fotográfico- a personal and collective keys to understand and manage innovatively active and social, cultural and political issues today . By mastering the whole process of creating meaning, dialogue with a global community of artists and thinkers, and exploring new possibilities arising from the tension between new and old ideals and problems, students in the Master will develop as artists socially and politically aware, as protagonists of contemporary culture, as spokesmen evolved a way of thinking and acting.


The master's program shuns classical structures and is structured around themes and areas of knowledge that however, far from being separate, they enjoy a bond of strict interdependence; the group that follows is justified only on grounds of didactic clarity.

Tools, processes and methodologies

  • project methodology: conceptualise, develop, research, develop, make and present a project.
  • Research methodologies inter-, trans- and postdisciplinaria.
  • Curatorial studies.
  • Critical theory and "criticality".
  • Writing and testing.


  • Theories and histories of art.
  • Contemporary art: dissolution of boundaries and new borders.
  • digital art, media art, net-art ..
  • Art, science and technology.
  • authorial identity, public art and collaborative art.
  • Art and activism.
  • Art market: art as an object of economic transactions.
  • Art and life.


  • Philosophy of photography.
  • Attitudes, intentions, forms and processes in contemporary art photography.
  • Uses and functions of concerned photography.
  • Photography and new media.
  • Photography and post-photography.
  • Photographic practice as an attitude and involvement.

Contemporary Thought I

  • Esthetic.
  • visual culture: perception, shared values ​​and contexts.
  • Information and representation.
  • Communication and power: structure, system, apparatus, device.
  • social sciences applied to art.
  • Poiesis and poetry.
  • Freedom and evolution.
  • Art and ethics - ethics of art.

Contemporary Thought II. contemporary issues.

  • Anthropocene, globalization, migration, ecology and environmental sustainability, distribution of wealth and alternative economies, gender, post-feminism, queer, computer, [cyber] -technology, science and ethics, techno-politics, decolonizing, geospatial policies ...

De-localization, mobility and accessibility of knowledge and experience

  • Platforms and channels of classic and alternative distribution.
  • Modes and forms of dissemination.
  • Dissemination strategies.
  • The "public" as co-author of the work.
  • The role of academia.
  • Books, magazines and online publications theoretical.
  • Teaching as resistance.

Workshops and meetings with authors, artists and international professionals

interdisciplinary cultural activities

personal and collaborative practices

Final work of master

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About the School

Aquí encontrarás un espacio donde reconocidos profesionales en activo comparten sus conocimientos construyendo nuevas experiencias contigo. Acercándote al mundo real a través de trabajos prácticos y c ... Read More

Aquí encontrarás un espacio donde reconocidos profesionales en activo comparten sus conocimientos construyendo nuevas experiencias contigo. Acercándote al mundo real a través de trabajos prácticos y clases que te enseñan lo que de verdad necesitas saber para tu carrera profesional. Read Less