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Programme Description

Study Master in Renewable Energy in UAG

Programme Objective


Renewable energy sources are a reality in modern Mexico. In photovoltaic technology there is a greater than 20 MW generating capacity and only in 2011, the installed capacity was doubled in our country. However, our nation has potential to grow in all renewable energy technologies, particularly in solar thermal and the use of hydrogen and biomass.

The accelerated penetration of renewable energy technology represents an opportunity for job creation, but also a challenge in terms of the formation of human capital. In this regard, the country needs specialists in both the efficient use of existing sources, as in the design, implementation, operation, monitoring and maintenance of alternative technologies.

The MSc in Renewable Energy offered the UAG is a response to this need of society, the environment and the market, when the development of alternative energies, rational use of energy and the consequences of climate change become increasingly important. Competitive advantages -Our commitment is embodied with a team of senior teachers, including foreigners and Mexicans; specialists in power generation from renewable resources, biofuels and climate change.

The Center for Sustainability and Renewable Energy (CSER), integrates teams of teachers and students of the Master of Renewable Energy, who are currently working in lines of applied research in the use of hydrogen for electricity generation in the production of biodiesel and climate change. The CSER drew up the Emissions Inventory of Greenhouse Gases for the state of Jalisco with the participation of students of the Masters. It is currently also being worked on developing strategies to reduce emissions in the state of Jalisco.

As part of our process of internationalization, we have signed a collaboration agreement with the Polytechnic University of Valencia to work together on the topic of photovoltaic technology, which includes a diploma and a course for students in our Master.

Applicant Profile

Graduates of biology, management and mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, industrial and related engineering who seek to expand and deepen the mastery of the techniques of electricity production from renewable sources and biofuels.

Graduate Profile

The Master in Renewable Energy projects application can create renewable energy and energy saving. You can serve in leadership positions in government agencies, companies producing bioenergy and companies in any industry seeking to lower their carbon footprint and inserted into the green economy.

The graduate of the Master may develop and realize business projects that will give you the basics so you can set your own company and offer consulting services.

In academia he may participate as a teacher and applied research bodies on issues related to renewable energy.

Entry requirements

  • He has completed undergraduate studies.
  • Interview with the Programme Director.
  • Admission application with the required documents.
  • Submit an assessment test.


Master of Renewable Energy UAG

The academic program of the Master is completed with a total of 75 credits that cover 12 subjects, of which 8 are basic (50 credits) and other 4 are electives (25 credits).

The electives correspond to the Master provides guidance: Biofuel and Electricity Generation.

basic subjects

  • Introduction to Renewable Energy (Semester 1)
  • Fundamentals of Climate Change (Semester 1)
  • Combustion Engineering (Semester 2)
  • Renewable Energy Laboratory (Semester 2)
  • Capital budgeting (Semester 6)
  • Industrial facilities (Semester 3)
  • Introduction to Research Methodology (Semester 3)
  • Graduation Seminar (Semester 6)

Optional subjects (semesters 4 and 5)

  • Biofuel area
  • Biofuel Production Process
  • Physical Reactor Design
  • Analysis of High Performance Culture
  • Biomass foundation
  • Electricity Generation area
  • Fuel Cells
  • Alternative Sources of Electric Generation I
  • Alternative Sources of Electric Generation II
  • Power Electronics

Job opportunity

Is an independent, enterprising and flexible professional.


only program of its kind in Mexico.

Teaching staff at the highest level.

Linking with government agencies at all levels and that its authority is the direct actions around sustainable and energy agenda.

Close collaboration with the private sector to achieve actions to boost the industry and therefore businesses in this framework.

Last updated Mar 2020

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The University is proud to be thoroughly Mexican and, at the same time, to emphasize its orientation to international education. The UAG has some of the best educational facilities in the country, covering an area of more than 10 million square feet, distributed in 5 campuses in the area of Guadalajara city: Main Campus (C.U.), the Institute of Biological Sciences, the Health Sciences Campus, and the University in the Community (UNICO). The UAG also owns other campuses in the states of Colima, Nayarit and Tabasco. In addition, the UAG has two hospitals, one Experimental Agricultural Center and three university hotels and convention centers. Read Less