Bac + 5 in geo-economics and strategic intelligence


Programme Description

The title "International Strategy Analyst" aims to develop analytical, action and decision support in international environments.

To validate this title 3 courses are possible, corresponding to specialties and different worlds: - Defence, Security and Crisis Management - Géoconomie and strategic intelligence - Geopolitics and prospective

The course "Geo-economics and strategic intelligence" is delivered in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management and ADIT, European strategic intelligence leader. also sanctioned by a training certificate in Géoéconomie and common strategic intelligence IRIS / ESC Grenoble.


This diploma, accessible with a tray 4, meets a double objective:

  • To train professionals capable of understanding the international business environment, assess risks, to anticipate difficulties in order to support the company and its employees in their international activities;
  • Enable the acquisition of essential tools and instruments (sleep, intelligence, security) to decision making in a changing and complex international context.

Presentation of lessons

Information is only useful if it is understood and exploited wisely. For this, we must master the tools of business intelligence but also have a solid knowledge of geo-economics and understand the operation and the challenges that companies face abroad.

To meet market needs, the program was developed in collaboration with ADIT, European leader in strategic intelligence.

Contemporary geo-economics. A module on the international business environment, economies and regional markets.

Information management and analysis tools. A practical module which raises the economic intelligence and security concepts before studying integration in organizations and then to actually practice the use of professional tools.

Management of the company internationally. Courses to learn the strategic management techniques (specialty ESC Grenoble) and acquire the tools and understanding of issues of a project.


At the end of this course, students have acquired knowledge and original skills that allow them to join teams on international projects (consulting and business intelligence in the context of trade negotiations, support teams, assessment risks ...).


  • Admission by application and interview.
  • Profile of enrolled students: master 1 or 2 (or equivalent) in law, international relations, political science, economics and management, management, languages, etc. ; graduates ESC, IEP, IAE.
  • Good English, a second language is a plus.


Geoeconomics CONTEMPORARY - 148 H

Acquire knowledge, analytical techniques to better understand the international business environment.

International environment of the company

  • Analysis of international strategic and economic news
  • legal enterprise to the international environment
  • Financial markets
  • Crime and Money Laundering
  • The dollar, the euro and the adjustment policies of international currencies
  • raw materials and oil
  • Foreign direct investment

Regional Economies and markets

  • global economic governance
  • United States ; Africa; financial issues of the Arab countries;
  • European Union ; Asia and NPI; Russia-CIS; Latin America.

Conferences (experts and senior business executives)


Gain mastery of tools and monitoring techniques and business intelligence.

IE concepts and integration in organizations

  • Emergence of EI
  • The risk in economy
  • Establishment of a standby cell
  • Investigative and surveillance techniques
  • strategic management of information service territories

Risk management tools and management of the crisis

  • Supporting business risk internationally
  • country risk; international Finance
  • Compliance, Due Diligence
  • Anticipation to business in crisis management
  • Protection of strategic information


Understand how business issues and information in their management and their strategies internationally. An international business development game is also conducted throughout the year.

Management techniques

Strategic Management (ESC Grenoble); Innovation management; Cultural Management.

Development of the company internationally

If the international development practice group over 8 months

English daily with Gymglish


Discover the functions in business and work its application tools.

  • Presentation of businesses and functions security & business intelligence in business
  • Economic intelligence and human networks
  • Workshops Professional project

Internship (3 months minimum) & Internship Report

Memory & Defense

Study trip to Brussels (2 days)

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Créé par l’IRIS en 2002, IRIS Sup’ est un établissement privé d’enseignement supérieur technique enregistré au Rectorat de Paris qui a pour vocation de former des étudiants et des professionnels à dif ... Read More

Créé par l’IRIS en 2002, IRIS Sup’ est un établissement privé d’enseignement supérieur technique enregistré au Rectorat de Paris qui a pour vocation de former des étudiants et des professionnels à différents métiers dans un contexte international. Il délivre des titres reconnus par l’État, de niveau 7 enregistrés au Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (RNCP). Read Less