Advanced Master Unmanned Aircraft Systems Services and Management


Programme Description

UAvs are nowadays essential and unavoidable component of civil aviation activities. Needs of the various actors, operators, major purchasers, manufacturers or legislators, have evolved considerably. This fast evolution faces numerous challenges: encouraging UAVs development and their new applications while ensuring an optimal level of safety of air transport.

Wishing to take up this challenge, Enac, the first European Aviation School, innovates by creating this new UASSM master to allow its students to acquire all skills to future professionals in this promising business sector. ENAC benefits of its long history in education and research. Particularly ENAC research program "UAVs Systems” addresses UAV’s integration in global Air Traffic, as well as in their applications. Air transport, surveillance, goods transportation, agriculture domain, defence industry as well as the energy sector are seeking experts in the new technology and its management.

ENAC Advanced Master Unmanned Aircraft Systems Services and Management gives students key tools and techniques to understand the technology while ensuring the transformation of upcoming challenges into opportunities. Graduates of MS UASSM will be able to grasp "UAVs System sector as a whole.

UAV’s manufacturers: MS UASSM graduates intend to integrate their design teams. They will bring their technical and operational skills to offer solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of operators and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

UAV’s Operators: MS UASSM graduates will establish company's strategy in relation to "UAvs" activity, conduct economic studies, study needs, and develop the best technical and operational solutions, Preparation, execution and/or counting of missions.

Civilian drones also operate in the air transport regulatory bodies. Civil aviation authorities have an increased need for experts to drive regulatory developments and ensure their proper implementation in order to maintain the optimum level of air transport safety.

For future entrepreneurs, this Advanced Master will provide graduates all the necessary technical skills to master the field as well as all fundamental knowledge in terms of business management and market analysis.

These future managers acquire transversal skills throughout the MS UASSM that allow them to listen to the potential needs of the market and to make the right strategic choices to place their business at the best level and to face a global competition successfully.

ENAC has developed this Advanced Master in close partnership with major users of UAVs such as AIRBUS, SAFRAN, THALES, RTE, SNCF, ENGIE, BOUYGES, ADP Group, Delair-Tech, Airborne Concept,…

Advanced master MS UASSM pedagogical approach based on two semesters:

First semester: Academic session, provided by ENAC’s permanent professors and experts from aerospace industry bringing current knowledge and experience.


Introduction – Overview

Strategy and market

  • Markets for UAVs
  • Strategy
  • Regulatory framework - Law
  • Corporate analysis
  • Customer need and request analysis

Vehicle Technical Aspects

  • Introduction
  • Airframe
  • Power plant
  • System architecture
  • Avionics – Onboard systems
  • Communications
  • Applicable regulations to UAVs
  • Choices optimization


  • UAV’s missions
  • Flight operations
  • Pilot training – In flight awareness
  • Sensors, software and data processing
  • UAV Modifications and Maintenance

Long project

The general objective of this module is to realize a complete study case, from the strategic analysis to the client deliverable:

  • Realize a strategic analysis
  • Make a business plan
  • Make a functional analysis
  • Choose the most appropriate components (sensors, vector, software, etc.)
  • Organize the mission

Professional prospects and career opportunities

After completion of the UASSM master, graduates are able to perform following functions:

  • Regulatory authorities: Auditor, Supervisor, Expert, Regulatory Officer, Research Manager, within the French or foreign
  • UAV manufacturers: Manager, Project Manager, Business Developer, Project Manager, Engineer, Designer, Test Manager
  • UAV operators: Manager, Business Developers, Project Manager, Subsystem Integrator, Operations Manager, Technical Manager, Data Processing Manager, Customer Manager, Development Manager

Second semester: Students conduct a master thesis in the aeronautical industry, in France or abroad and supervised by a tutor from the host organisation and from ENAC. The master thesis is concluded by the preparation of a report and an oral dissertation in front of a jury.

Duration of studies: Two-semester program full-time.
Beginning of classes: Early October
Location: ENAC – Toulouse - France
Teaching language: English

Last updated Dec 2017

About the School

ENAC was founded in 1949 in Paris-Orly, and moved to Toulouse in 1968. The «Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile» (ENAC)is a unique example: it is the only aviation-oriented university in France and i ... Read More

ENAC was founded in 1949 in Paris-Orly, and moved to Toulouse in 1968. The «Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile» (ENAC)is a unique example: it is the only aviation-oriented university in France and in Europeoffering a wide and complete panel of aeronautics-oriented training programs and activities, serving the aeronautical world, and particularly the air transport sector. Read Less