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Today the most exciting work in the life sciences, engineering, and management is happening in the biosciences industry. To translate new discoveries into applications that improve the human condition, industry demands a new kind of professional - scientifically proficient and managerially savvy.

Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) has responded to this challenge with a pioneering class of graduate degrees and programs to educate those individuals who want to shape the future of the life sciences.

Established to prepare the future generation of industry leaders, KGI breaks down and transforms traditional boundaries between the academic and corporate worlds. Our degree and research programs are singularly focused on the unique and specific demands of the biosciences industry, drawing widely on the guidance of a world-class advisory council that includes leaders in industry, science, and higher education.

Recognizing that the solution of practical, real-world challenges requires close teamwork, creative problem-solving skills, and cross-functional fluency, our curriculum is fundamentally interdisciplinary, incorporating an intensive technical component and a broad management and policy component, as well as innovative approaches to developing leadership skills. As a result, our students graduate with a practical understanding of the results-oriented, collaborative culture in which scientists, engineers, and managers operate.

KGI Academic Programs:

Master of Bioscience (MBS): Designed to educate those who want to lead the way in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare product and bioagricultural industries, the MBS utilizes an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates applied life sciences, bioengineering, bioethics and business management.

Master of Engineering in Biopharmaceutical Processing(MENG): KGI's two year MEng program is designed for high potential individuals seeking a career in biopharmaceutical processing and biomanufacturing. Students enrolled in this program will develop a powerful network through coaching and mentoring; obtain state of the art scientific, technical, biomanufacturing and professional skills; and have opportunities to study abroad, participate in a paid industry internship, take part in a team masters project, or participate in research activites within the Amgen Bioprocessing Center at KGI.

PharmD: The goal of the curriculum in the Keck Graduate Institute's School of Pharmacy is to prepare post-baccalaureate students to acquire knowledge and develop skills and attitudes to be competent and confident, practice-ready pharmacists. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes that we expect of our graduates set the foundation for our Professional Student Outcomes. Graduates will be prepared to lead the profession into the future by receiving an increased emphasis on inter-professional collaborative teams, informatics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacovigilance, diagnostics, biomarkers, entrepreneurship and clinical/regulatory affairs.

PhD programs: The PhD in Applied Life Sciences is available to graduates of the MBS program. Its mission is to endow a select group of students with expertise in research areas relevant to applied bioscience, with the ability to use interdisciplinary tools and approaches to solve problems, and with the motivation to translate knowledge to beneficial applications to advance new horizons in the applied biosciences.

Postbaccalaureate Premedical Certificate Program (PPC): For those who already have an undergraduate degree in science or engineering, and who want to improve their chances of gaining acceptance into medical school. We accept applications from those who may have applied to medical school and been denied, as well as those who are a few courses shy of being ready to apply to medical school.

Postdoctoral Professional Masters in Bioscience Management (PPM): For post-doctoral fellows with backgrounds in science and engineering who want to acquire the business and management skills needed to pursue senior management positions within the life sciences industry or embark on entrepreneurial ventures intended to commercialize technologies developed in laboratories.

KGI Background:

Founded in 1997, Keck Graduate Institute is the only American graduate institution devoted solely to bioscience education and discovery. KGI is the seventh and newest member of the Claremont Colleges consortium.

Mission, Culture, & Values

School Mission Statements

School of Applied Life Sciences

The KGI School of Applied Life Sciences is dedicated to education and research aimed at translating into practice the power and potential of the life sciences for the benefit of society.

School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy is dedicated to the education of innovative pharmacists who will serve the needs of individual patients, the healthcare system, and the bioscience industry. Our program emphasizes interprofessional collaboration, systematic problem solving, the safe, efficient and ethical use of technology and biotechnology, and personalized patient care.


KGI seeks to sustain an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial culture, working in partnership with industry to develop leaders for the biosciences, while promoting academic freedom and the highest ethical standards.

Core Values

Entrepreneurial and Reflective
Ethical and Responsible
Collaborative and Independent
Interdisciplinary and Applied

KGI Values: Detailed Description

Entrepreneurial and Reflective
Ethical and Responsible
Collaborative and Independent
Interdisciplinary and Applied
In An Interactive Learning Environment

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