California Lutheran University - California Institute of Finance Virtual Campus


The California Institute of Finance is positioned and poised to be the premier institution in the field of financial planning. The institute strives to be the pre-eminent center of education, research, scholarship and professional development in this specialized field. To learn more about the institute and its goal, click on the section about CIF.

The institution seeks to provide its members - whether they be students, scholars, alumni or professionals - a wide array of benefits. The advantages are many. A summary of the most important advantages and benefits are shown below:


  • Students become eligible to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination
  • Students earn an MBA or graduate Certificate in financial planning
  • All 16 courses have a financial services focus & dedication
  • A fast track to one of the best jobs in the world
  • Globally known professors and tenured faculty
  • Graduate level certification program
  • Classes are structured, but flexible
  • Especially suitable for busy financial professionals


  • One of the best stocked virtual financial planning libraries
  • Exclusive Financial Planning database
  • In House Journal
  • Access to all major financial planning journals
  • Huge searchable financial planning and business database
  • Accessible reference librarians via live chat sessions and e-mail


  • Virtual Alumni Center
  • Continuing Education credits
  • Business reference center
  • A Global job marketplace
  • Networked to leading financial services firms
  • Affiliations with national and international organizations
  • Virtual seminars and conferences
This school offers programs in:
  • English