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Siam University is one of Thailand’s oldest and leading private universities located in South-West Bangkok approximately 6 kilometers from the main financial district of Thailand and a 10 minute walk from Bang Wa BTS station. This 20-building cosmopolitan campus features unparalleled academic and social facilities designed specifically to cater the modern needs of student life and education. In fact, it has become the 5th largest private university containing a student body of over 15,000 students across twelve schools including 500 students from over 35 countries in our international program, plus we are ranked 3rd in Thailand for international student population.

Since its inception with a class of only 200, Siam University has been growing towards international recognition as one of the leading universities in Asia and within the ASEAN community, and will continue to expand its vision to become one of the worlds’ leading educational institutions. Siam University was founded in 1965 by the late Dr. Narong Mongkhonvanit as the first private engineering school in Thailand. Nearly five decades later with steady growth and development, driven by devotion for academic excellence, Siam University has contributed more than 80,000 graduates into various professional fields in Thailand’s national work force, as well as at an international level.

In 1995 the ‘international program’ was established, offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Business and International Hotel and Tourism Management. Siam University is ranked among Thailand’s top ten Universities for its population of International students by Thailand’s Commission of Higher Education which is part of the Thai Ministry of Education. Many of Siam’s faculty members have been carefully selected among qualified scholars that are native speakers of English from Europe and North America, we believe this enhances the intercultural activities in which students can participate and enjoy. Siam is also affiliated with many well-known universities and institutions worldwide, and various opportunities to work and study abroad for valuable experiences.

The academic standards and programs at Siam are approved by the Higher Education Commission of Thailand. SU is a fully accredited university and all of its graduates enjoy the same privileges in accordance with other state university graduates.

Additionally, Siam University has gained international recognition as a member of the following organizations: the International Association of Universities (IAU), the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), the International Association of Hotel Schools (EUHOFA), the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL), the Asian Regional Training and Development Organization (ARTDO), University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI), World Association of Cooperative Education (WACE), and the Association of Universities in Asia and the Pacific (AUAP).


As a notable learning organization, Siam University is focused on highly regarded education for its students and faculty, with a prominent emphasis on cutting-edge technology and research, a professional attitude, and superior performance in accordance with the requirements of the modern world of work in today’s innovation of globalization and within the ASEAN community. In such operations, Siam University also promotes Asian wisdom and culture in collaboration with a vast social network and various work sectors which are closely related.

To endow a clear understanding and acceptance of the broad working environment and provide a definitive grounding of responsibility in the idea of a variety of cultures, ethics, and life-long learning skills.


Siam University, maintaining our reputation as one of the leading universities in the ASEAN region, directs focus on the pursuit of relevant knowledge by using ground-breaking research and training methods to create professionals and build associations with local and international leaders in the diverse of globalization of the future world markets.


  • Graduates are to be skilled professionally with emphasis on diverse work integration for excellence with modern global perspectives.
  • Empower and prepare students to become significant leaders and operators in international environments.
  • Utilize cutting-edge research and innovative methods to preserve academic advancement and infinite wisdom as an unwavering effort to achieve virtue among the ASEAN community and other world markets.
  • Maintaining Asian ethnics and preservation of individuality among nations along with clear understanding and recognition of its cultural diversity.
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  • English

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MA in Peace Studies and Diplomacy

Campus Full time June 2017 Thailand Bangkok

The Masters Program in Peace Studies offers interdisciplinary graduate studies for life-long learners who want to become familiar and skilled in the discourse of peace studies. [+]

Masters of Arts in Peace Studies and Diplomacy The Masters Program in Peace Studies offers interdisciplinary graduate studies for life-long learners who want to become familiar and skilled in the discourse of peace studies. This program offers an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of various aspects of peace building and conflict resolution skills. Students in peace studies courses explore the theories and practices of peace and justice throughout history. They also investigate the nature of peace, freedom, justice and war. Areas of study include the history and theory of international and domestic conflict; the political, economic, cultural, and social roots of such conflict; the causes and conduct of warfare; violence prevention; and global institutions for the resolution of conflict. The programs in Peace Studies serve as an academic catalyst for applied research, theoretical development, and the use of culturally informed methods for transforming oppressive situations. Completion of a Masters degree in peace studies can lead to careers specific to the industries of law, education, politics, science, and international affairs and business. Other peace studies careers can be found in the conflict management, social work and criminal justice sectors. Those who undertake peace study careers have an overall desire to create a better world for all. [-]

Masters of Arts in International Business Administration

Campus Full time June 2017 Thailand Bangkok

The program is designed to provide a meaningful balance between theoretical and practical learning. A majority of courses apply the case study method, which enables participants to learn by doing and teaching others. [+]

Siam University IMBA program is conveniently located in the Phasi Charoen district of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand and the heart of the ASEAN regions budding financial, commercial, and technological hub. The beauty of our IMBA program is that we are directly in the middle of this blossoming progress. This degree program is meant to help students develop cultural skills, business competencies and other skills as they pertain to the global marketplace. The IMBA programs are becoming more popular as business firms as well as state and federal governments are increasingly seeking employee’s well-versed global trends as they pertain to both financial markets and consumer buying. The curriculum aims to provide students with a foundational knowledge of commerce and offer students a global view as well as an ASEAN perspective of the world's latest business trends. Some course requirements may include the economics of international trade, international marketing management, international business management and international corporate finance. Students have the option of specializing in Finance, International Business, Management Information Systems, or Marketing. Careers in this field can lead to jobs with many global companies which compete on international markets, such as airlines and chain restaurants; and many graduates will often establish careers within government agencies, nonprofit organizations and in banking. Graduates may also seek to work within international corporations within the travel and hospitality industry, which are continually dealing with both businesses and consumers around the world. Theory and Practice The program is designed to provide a meaningful balance between theoretical and practical learning. A majority of courses apply the case study method, which enables participants to learn by doing and teaching others. Specially designed classes such as the Practical Business Project, also provide students with the opportunity to get involved with real world business problem decision-making and practice writing business cases. Tuition Fees New Student Fee: 1,250 Thai Baht Registration Fee: 8,900 Thai Baht Price per Credit: 2,500 Thai Baht [-]


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