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Training in SANROMAN took 25 years to provide value to individuals and organizations through training. We provide global solutions to the challenges of our customers through services that are committed to innovation and quality.

Two features define us as experts in training: Our educational model and our business model, very focused on customer needs.

We provide classroom studies, mixed or blended learning and e-learning through webinars, virtual campus, mobile learning and virtual classes. With more than 600 training programs, 25,000 students a year go through our virtual and physical classrooms, spread throughout the country and Latin America. Around 20% of young people that we are joining the labor market thanks to our teaching model and the work of our Employment Service.

We also develop consulting services for public and private sector, and specialized in many areas, among which education and employment, social research, organizational improvement, new technologies, information systems or systems of quality management and environment .

In SANROMAN we are committed to improving employability, skills and employability of jobseekers, especially young people who have difficulty accessing their first job. So in April 2012, in a context of economic recession and labor difficulties, we become Placement Agency SANROMAN authorized level both classroom and online.

This entity was created with the aim of facilitating the way in job search as many potential candidates. Among our services as Employment Agency, those of assessing the professional profiles and guide candidates in the job search through personalized service.

Our international projects are developed in different countries of Latin America, and have a transversal approach that includes three key areas to consider: the value of entrepreneurship, education and international cooperation for development.

Our Culture of Human Resources ...

It is to assume the commitment that all our employees can grow and develop within SANROMAN, acquiring every day new experiences and knowledge, enhance training and continuous improvement.

Our Cycle of Human Resources ...

Power leadership as the basis of our company culture; leadership based on example, closeness and continuous feedback.


We generate services and training and consulting solutions to meet the real needs of organizations, customers and users.


As a leading company in the market, be strategic partner of our client organizations in managing their talent.


Our goal is that employees share, understand and make live the values ​​in the workplace. The values ​​are integrated into our environment and equipment, through our code of conduct, internal communication and training / meetings.

  • Quality: efficiency, effectiveness and excellence in performance and results. It is the contribution and value creation to internal and external customers.
  • Innovation: Turning ideas and knowledge of products, processes and services or new models. Explore and create ideas for success.
  • Commitment: Go beyond the provisions of your functions, continuously improving and gaining greater ability to advance the goals.
  • Enthusiasm: Make exciting any activity you do, do it with passion to be more productive.
  • Trust: The basis of the relations between partners, the engine that achieves goals.
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Master Occupational Risk Prevention

Online Full time February 2017 Spain Madrid

The Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention is aimed at university graduates who wish to obtain a professional specialization as senior technician in prevention. [+]

Fórmate 100% online. Get Official Titration University Francisco de Vitoria University. Get your official title of Master of PRL in less than 1 year with the University Francisco de Vitoria, 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) 100% Online Course Objectives Provide students of this Master in PRL, specialized training that will enable them to perform the functions of higher PRL technician, according to the regulations established by the Regulation of Prevention Services is approved. The Master of PRL of the Francisco de Vitoria University contains the three specialties established by law and obtained a favorable report by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), pursuant to Royal Decree 1393/2007. Addressed to... The Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention is aimed at graduates (Graduates, Graduates, Graduates and Engineers) who wish to obtain a professional specialization as senior technician in prevention. Access to the Master is not restricted by the degree of origin, although preference will be given to qualifications in related fields (Technical Education, Health Sciences, Law, Labour Studies, etc.) Methodology 25 years of experience in the field of training. Online mode The student of the Master PRL may be connected anytime, anywhere, accessing virtual and theoretical classes were completed with exercises and real case studies. Or you can download all content to study at any time. Virtual classroom Bet, a virtual educational methodology with high standards of quality and consistent approach to our students. We participate in the training of professionals from anywhere in the world, assuming the distance barrier to carry out the process, and giving priority constancy. Practices The Master in Occupational Health and Safety has 200 hours of practice for all students. Being in online mode, practice will be conducted virtually through a platform (FUE) that will help a business and academic tutor. In addition, at the request of the student may make online or be recognized by documentation demonstrating the student's experience. Professional outings Upon completion of the Master in Occupational Health and Safety, you can exercise as: Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention. specializing in Management Systems Safety and Health at Work consultant. Responsible for Occupational Health and Safety of the Public Administrations. By enrolling through SANROMAN, a partner agency of the Francisco de Vitoria University, you can count on the care and employment guidance of our own placement agency. [-]