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Professional services firm specializing in health and composed of a group of specialized counselors and consultants who taught since 2000 Distance Learning Accredited and Certified as a main activity and Publishing of books, Printing and Publishing Services social sciences. They are scoring scales for courses in official competitions, contests, transfers, ... 1350 training activities and 52 master's and undergraduate remote experts; other areas: administration, business, labor risks, international trade, and state security bodies and education. With support of Spanish Universities (Universidad San Jorge, Public Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas) and the Law of Bologna give valid European ECTS credits / hours and accredited by the Continuing Education Committee of the National System of courses Salud (Ministry of Health and Social Policy).

We offer advice and consultancy to other companies and institutions to improve their efficiency and competitiveness by developing strategies based on knowledge, training and skills, gaining experience with over 300 companies and projects training more than 235,000 students.

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Master In Education And Health Promotion And Community Education

Online Part time 6 - 12  September 2017 Spain Jaén

Number of hours and credits: 1000 hours and 40 ECTS [+]

- Number of hours and credits: 1000 hours and 40 ECTS. - Duration: 6 months minimum and 12 months maximum from the date of enrollment - Mode: Material provided in book format + Evaluation and Tutorials by Virtual Training Platform Alcalá. GOALS - To know the advantages and limitations of quantitative and qualitative research problems likely methodologies. - To know the advantages and limitations of different types of epidemiological study. - Assess the key aspects of the design of a clinical trial with drugs. - Recognize the limitations for application to practice primary care of the results of clinical trials. - Design a qualitative study. - Designing the strategy for statistical analysis of a research study. - Know the conditions of application of statistical tests used most frequently. - Assess the usefulness of multivariate statistical techniques in analyzing data from a research study. - Know the utilities and limitations of systematic reviews in the synthesis of the literature. - Fill in an application form for assistance conducting a research study [-]