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Synergy Business School is a part of Synergy University that finds its roots in Russia. SBS also has successfully trained 2,000 specialists, who are in demand in the international market. As an international business school with offices and campuses located in London, Moscow, Singapore, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro, we provide a global perspective alongside cultural diversity to the professionals whom we educate. The network of our campuses is constantly expanding in order to bring high-quality business education out to every corner of the world.

Knowledge and information are sources of competitive advantage for nations, organizations and individuals. Today, SBS provides you with mobile distance learning programmes with exceptional quality, readily accessible from any corner of the world at any time. Tomorrow, you might see a “brick and mortar” SBS campus in your country or city, and you could easily attend our MBA courses, master courses, conferences or seminars as well as share your experience with other successful experts from the international business community. We adapt to rapidly changing business environments in order to provide up-to-date knowledge and information in the most convenient and affordable way.

All of SBS’s MBA programmes are accredited by the Association of MBAs, which is one of the most prestigious organizations handling MBA accreditation in the global context. International recognition by AMBA attests to the quality of SBS’s MBA programmes. SBS is a member of many important managerial educational communities and organizations such as the European Foundation for Management Development, Association of MBAs, International Association of Universities, and European Foundation for Quality in E-learning; as well as an active participant in wide scale international educational projects.

Partnerships with world-renowned business schools such as Newcastle Business School (UK), Durham Business School (UK), Judge Business School (UK), Polimoda (Italy), Donghua University School of Business (China) and many others have been built up to provide our students with the opportunities to participate in joint-degree programmes and international exchange programmes.

Having been set up in Russia during the transition period, Synergy University is proud to be the largest private university in its country of birth. Besides, since 2010, we have been operating globally with headquarters set up in London. Today, it is true to say that we are a global university with presence across Asia, Middle East and Europe. Our history helps us understand the real needs of students coming from developing countries better than anyone else.


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