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At the Oslo School of Management we are concerned with creating a good learning environment for our students. We believe that when you thrive socially, the learning impact is also greater.

At the Oslo School of Management we believe in a combination of theoretical and practical learning. We believe you learn best by testing out the theoretical knowledge that you have acquired through practical problem-solving, as soon as possible. Not only does this result in your studies being more exciting and varied, it also ensures that you gain experience in solving real problems drawn from the business sector. Experience that will give you a big advantage when you start your first job after graduation.

Our academic focus provides both a practical and academic approach to marketing subjects. Social sciences, including sociology and rhetoric, as well as more traditional economics/business administration subjects provide a unique basis for further work in marketing in the workplace or in further studies.

We emphasize closeness, security and good social contact. We are convinced that good contact with lecturers results in good student performance, and our class-based instruction is therefore carried out in smaller teaching facilities, using group-based projects, rather than in large auditoriums as at other colleges.

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Master in Marketing and Market Knowledge

Campus Full time September 2017 Norway Oslo

At Oslo School of Management, we are convinced that a better understanding of the social conditions that influence the market, makes a better and more attractive market. [+]

That's why we offer a Master in Marketing and market knowledge that sees marketing, consumption, organizational culture and lifestyle in a holistic perspective. Master adds depth knowledge of the consumer and the processes that create attractive brands. Reading from the latest news on the research front, and you meet some of the most renowned speakers, who also sought speakers in business and often the subjects commentators in the media. To understand developments in the market, you need to understand the development of society.Changes in the workplace and family life, along with rising purchasing power, better educated, older wave and increased mobility are changing and the needs of consumers' buying habits. The same shift in the population and settlements. Not to talk about globalization. The economic situation affects purchasing power, consumer transactions, markets, industries and companies. Further affecting the technological, political and economic conditions. It is this realization that the basis for the School of Marketinghas developed a Master who also pulls social dimension. Community development has a strong effect on the markets, and developments in the market affects the community. Together affects marketers' working conditions. The media and trade digitized, the same happens to the forms of communication and marketing.All these changes make an impact in the way we think about marketing. If you agree with the position description we have just given, you are welcome as a student on our MSc in Marketing and market knowledge.... [-]