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ebs Paris has had a pioneering influence on the European model of education, with branches in six major European cities and partnerships with 146 foreign universities. Since 1967, the school has been educating international business leaders in the fields of marketing, trade, management, finance, communications and the Internet.

The curriculum and teaching methods of our "Grande Ecole" program are designed to ensure:Read more...

  • The acquisition of general knowledge and management science theory
  • Mastery of skills through internships in France and abroad, as well as many practical learning experiences
  • Individual support and personal development

ebs Paris is an international school of management that educates skillful professionals and responsible citizens.

Our success is embodied by that of our graduates, who can be found working in 64 countries worldwide.

Among our successful alumni are Michel Landel, CEO of Sodexo, Arthur Sadoun, CEO of Publicis France, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, founder and CEO of Vente Privé, Eric Clogenson, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Coca-Cola Entreprise France, and many more.

ebs Paris is more than just a school, it is an internationally recognized name.

Mission of EBS Paris

Through its high quality graduate program, EBS Paris is a business school with a global vision, whose goal is to train future international managers. They will develop corporations and organizations in an environment marked by globalization, rapid change and challenges.

Trained by EBS Paris in general management and professional practice, these future managers will have a solid education and experience which will allow them to:

  • Master fundamentals of management
  • Demonstrate their innovative mindset and be driven by entrepreneurship
  • Incorporate new information technologies into their management practices
  • Understand corporate social responsibility and business ethics issues
  • Be prepared for the demands of international and multicultural management
  • Be an active team member, able to manage change and lead projects
  • Be capable of managing in 3 languages

CORE values

ebs Paris mission, development strategy and educational approach are implemented with an ever-present respect for the core values which make up the school's identity and culture.

  • Creativity: foresight, innovation, entrepreneurship, initiative, change
  • curiosity, attentiveness, respect, diversity, international experience, intercultural approach
  • Responsibility: autonomy, ethics, social and environmental responsibility, high standards, integrity, rigor
  • Eeam spirit: sociability, confidence, project and change management, leadership

Educational approach

The program combines academic study in the main areas of management and business administration with professional experience and international exposure. Students build their own study path as they move from school to businesses and abroad. Our curriculum and teaching methods are upheld by the following principles:

  • High academic standards based on a learning model which guarantees mastery of management theory and skills, bolstered by a top-class teaching faculty.
  • A vocational focus based on project work, placements and internships, close ties with the business world and companies' involvement in courses taught at the school.
  • Openness and international mobility reflected in foreign language learning and cultural awareness components, periods of internship and study abroad and the possibility of completing a double degree abroad.
  • Personal development through support for each student in building his or her career plan and personal goals.

A unique school with the strength of a network

ebs was the first international business school established in Paris, and to this day it remains the only school of management with branches in six European cities and countries: Paris - London - Madrid - Dortmund - Riga - Kaliningrad.

All the schools in the network have the same mission: to educate international business managers with a multicultural, responsible perspective.

An internationally recognized name of over forty years' standing

Thanks to its branches abroad, ebs Paris has a distinguished reputation outside France that extends well beyond its many international agreements.

This recognition is a major advantage for our graduates as they launch their careers.

Over 45 years, the ebs network has educated more than 26,000 business professionals who now work in 64 countries around the world.

Study abroad

The distinctive feature of ebs Paris? All students spend at least three semesters studying abroad.

Third year students have a choice of two programs:

  • The trilingual program: two countries / two languages in one of our ebs schools, partner universities or as an intern in a company.
  • The bilingual program: one country / one language. Once they have completed this program, students are eligible for an International Bachelor's degree.
  • During the final year, students can spend a semester undertaking a six-month internship in France or abroad.

    Specializations offered

  • International Business Management (in English)
  • Marketing and Communication
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
  • E-Commerce
  • Fashion and Luxury Brand Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Marketing and Strategy and Communication and Strategic Management

    The international class

  • This school offers programs in:
    • English


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