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Thanks to its long tradition of cooperation with institutions from China, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia, as well as its numerous bilateral agreements with North America and Europe, every year, over a hundred foreign students representing 60 nations attend the master's and doctorate degree programs at L'IAE Grenoble, and more than 50 IAE students go abroad to a variety of international destinations for a work placement or a study period as an exchange student.

In Shanghai, L'IAE has developed a privileged partnership with the SISU (Shanghai International Studies University) which sends every year a group of 10 to 15 of its students to master's degrees of L'IAE (co-diplomation) and receives IAE students for their year abroad, and with Shanghai University with whom it opened in 1998 an executive MBA program MBA France - Chine , jointly delivered with l'Ecole de Management de Lyon (EM Lyon), Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) and l'IAE de Lyon.

In Russia, the MBA France - Russie was set up with the Ural State Technical University (URTU) in Yekaterinbourg in 2003 to prepare top Russian executives in a context of growing exchanges with Russia and its policy of openness to the free-market economy.

In Jakarta The MM - MBA (International MBA France - Indonesia) program is a joint cooperation between Magister Management, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (MM) and I.A.E. de Grenoble Université Pierre-Mendès-France (MBA).

These programs where foreign executives come to Grenoble for a two week study period at the end of their training, visiting French firms and meeting French businessmen, are an opportunity for fruitful exchanges between foreign and French students and executives, and a chance to find internships and study programs abroad for IAE students.

L'IAE's collaboration with Brazil which started as far back as 1973 now takes various forms: from double diplomas aimed at Brazilian executives in such fields as Ingenierie Marketing or International Management and jointly delivered by L'IAE and Brazilian institutions of higher education, through student exchanges, to the IFBAE - the Franco-Brazilian Institute of Business Administration - created in 2003 to mobilize industrial and institutional partners from both countries, organise conferences and further foster the exchange of students and researchers.

All international students are more than welcome to come and study at L'IAE Grenoble whether they come as part of an exchange program or as individual candidates applying to the school's well established master's degree courses.

In 2006, L'IAE is developing two new executive MBAs: one with yet another partner in China -Shenyang University - in a city of 7 million inhabitants north east of China (90 minutes by plane from Beijing) and another in Indonesia with the University of Indonesia in Jakarta - the logical follow-up of a 10 year long collaboration in delivering a master's degree (CAAE) to Indonesian managers.

The next step for L'IAE Grenoble is now a global MBA, a potential new source of work placement and employment for French and foreign students of L'IAE Grenoble.

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Master 2 Management : International Manager

Campus Full time 11 - 13  September 2017 France Grenoble Valence + 1 more

The Master 2 International Manager (MIM) program with its multidisciplinary approach and multicultural emphasis is designed to develop the skills required to become effective global managers. [+]

In today's globalized economy, international commerce is no longer just about exporting and importing goods or international financial flows. Globalization has increased the complexity of both organizations' environment and their strategies and operations, and has brought about new challenges to almost every one of them. International activities that involve such tasks as marketing internationally, managing a global supply chain, leading international projects, or working in teams from diverse cultural backgrounds require new types of managers. These global managers must develop new sets of skills and capabilities, they must be able to take on these new and increasingly complex global responsibilities, they have to grasp and act on the ever-changing global economy, to manage across distances, to understand various countries' infrastructure as well as multiple cultural expectations. The Master 2 International Manager (MIM) program with its multidisciplinary approach and multicultural emphasis is designed to develop the skills required to become effective global managers. Drawing on such fields as international finance and accounting, international economics, organization theory, marketing, purchasing, law, international business, HRM and strategy, it first aims at providing participants with the core business knowledge required to understand the international business environment and to develop and manage the global activities of organizations. In addition, it is conceived so as to enable participants to develop other skills and competences that are key in global settings, such as the ability to work with people from other cultures, to collect and analyze relevant information, to take decisions and initiate actions, to cope with pressure, take perspective and be innovative. The Master 2 International Management program at IAE does not specialize on a definite geographical area but adopts a global focus on international business. However, it zooms in on issues relating to high-growth countries such as Brazil, China, India, etc. so as to provide participants with the knowledge required to operate in such promising zones of the globe. Interested participants can thus take advantage of two specific exchange programs with universities in Brazil and China. With an international class (around 15 different nationalities represented on average), an international faculty of academics and business executives (from England, the USA, India, China, etc.), very varied projects and assignments (a global business game, an international start-up project, a long internship), the MIM program is both an intense and enjoyable experience! Who should apply? If you are: Attracted by multicultural environments and international experiences Interested in working abroad, on international projects or with international partners now or in the future Eager to understand the complexities of the global economy and learn how to design the strategic and operational responses to develop a successful global business Concerned to find out about the promises and challenges of high growth countries Attentive to make full use of your already well developed English language skills Then, this program is made for you, whatever their prior academic or professional background. Students of the Master's degree in International Management come from all walks of life, such as finance, marketing or management disciplines as well as scientific disciplines (engineering sciences, mathematics, computing) or the humanities. Some also already have a significant professional experience. For a great part, selected students are foreigners, some coming from partner universities of IAE Grenoble, such as Brazil, China and Russia. The French students enrolled are recruited both on a regional and national basis. In all, almost all the world's continents are represented. [-]