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A timeless question that takes new shapes and significance nowadays. Knowledge is accessible everywhere via the Internet; the new generation’s memory now uses a medium that is becoming more and more essential: the smartphone. Google and Wikipedia have long buried the Encyclopedia; and technology is widening the access to knowledge.

Knowledge is so abundant that access to knowledge appears to be easy, so much so that our youth are increasingly asking why learn? We might think that this question is absurd. It would be even more absurd for us teachers to dismiss it, because, as adults, we intimately know that the younger generations must learn to advance. “One day you will understand, my son” cannot be the answer.

Every day, teachers face in their amphitheaters an array of screens: Generation Y students are connected to social networks; they exchange real-time messages and images. Have they lost interest in knowledge? No, they only lost taste for deductive learning; they no longer see the importance of Learning hierarchy, where knowledge comes down from the stage to the audience. The role of the teacher is deeply disrupted.

Amidst this situation, Ferrières decided to place the student at the center of the learning process. Our educational philosophy is based on four simple ideas:

  • Learning through projects
  • The mediation of knowledge
  • Self-Development
  • High standards and rigor

Learning through projects involves a reversed approach of the Learning process. Practice, experimentation, case studies, and individual or group projects do not come after theoretical Learning but rather accompany it, and even go as far as preceding it, whenever possible. It is because young people understand the value of the use of knowledge that they will understand the need to learn, which triggers enthousiasm.

The mediation of knowledge occurs when teachers act as guides, a tutors or chaperons assisting students in exercising theirdiscernment abilities. Ferrières aims at training young critics : ones equally able to select the information and to choose the right products, ones able to take a stance, to arbitrate and to decide knowingly. Our teachers must therefore become mediators of knowledge able to shed the appropriate light on a certain situation, problem, or information. Thus, self-development is at the very heart of our educational project. This personal path to maturity is based on the plurality of experiences and professional, academic, disciplinary and cultural contexts. Our students will gain exposure to an enriching diversity: a wide array of professions which Ferrières prepares them for, a wealth of real-world opportunities and industry partnerships, a cultural diversity they will encounter on the campus and through their experiences beyond our borders.

Our educational project is a highly rigorous one. The specializations and majors of Ferrières, are ones that require discipline. There is no excellence without rigor, which is at the heart of our academic offerings. Our teaching methods bring together industry-specific skills and a comprehensive life approach. This command of life skills constitutes a major grounding for gastronomy, hospitality and luxury domains.

Technology, will be a key tool for this educational project. It is through technology that we can break the barriers of knowledge. It is through its command that students acquire effectiveness, and through its sturdiness that we can make profit of horizontal learning. It is by being in contact with it, that the students will sharpen their critical thinking.

Through this educational project, we aim to train curious, open, critical, professional, willing, rigorous, detail-oriented, ambitious, dynamic, mature youth, committed to our three flagships: luxury, hospitality, and gastronomy.

Sebastien Vivier Lirimont

Director General of Ferrières


Jean-Robert Pitte

Ferrieres School opened on the 28 of September 2015 in the Chateau built by Paxton and inaugurated by Napoleon in 1862 for the Baron James de Rothschild.

I happily accepted to direct, accompanied by prestigious sponsors, the destiny of this international school of the highest standing which will shape the crafts of gastronomy, wine, hospitality and luxury. Ferrieres welcomes students starting their education as well as those continuing to build on their expertise, along with those enamored with these arts wishing to flourish personally by acquiring new awareness.

France benefits from a well-established reputation in these domains and relies on recognized know-how which will be transmitted at Ferrièreswith elegance rigor, under the supervision of eminent professionals in the most astonishing French chateau of the 19th century.

This unparalled project was declared by UNESCO’s INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE, following “The gastronomic French meal” request submitted by the French Mission of Heritage and Culinary Culture (Mission Française du Patrimoine et des Cultures Alimentaires) of which I have had the honor of being the president since 2007.

The French Government has committed to promoting this major element of French culture, and Ferrieres will contribute to this legacy with an open and innovative spirit. In France, the art of fine living was conceived as a diverse platform open toall cultures on the planet. Ferrieres will be a place of dialog between French professionals and students from around the world who will find a distinguished atmosphere here, adding refinement to their lives and a major asset to their future.

Jean-Robert Pitte

Honorary President of Ferrières


Supported by the most well-known experts in Gastronomy, Hospitality, and Luxury along with those from Higher Education, Ferrieres plans to become the international standard for a school teaching French Excellence.


Driven by essential values such as tradition and innovation, humility, work ethic and open-mindedness, Ferrieres has a triple mission.

  • Educate students from around the world to become professionals in Gastronomy, Hospitality, and Luxury through various programs that are relevant to industry needs.
  • Contribute to the expanding knowledge and practices in three sectors : gastronomic culture, hospitality management, and French luxury.
  • Reinforce the influence and allure of France in the sectors of excellence.
  • The method is founded on the multitude of experiences in France and internationally in the setting of an academic curriculum and innovative practices extending even to include educational financial aid.
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French

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MSc Hospitality Management

Campus Full time September 2017 France Ferrières

Ferrières’ MSc 2 programme focuses on the Differentiation and Expertise, with 5 Specializations, including MSc Hospitality Management. [+]

Ferrières’ MSc, entirely delivered in English, meets the current and future needs of Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury industries. It combines a strong academic path with an individual project. The methodology incorporates the “Learning through Project Management” approach and focuses on the real business issues. In 2017, Ferrières launches an MSc in International Hospitality Management, jointly conceived and developed by both Ferrieres and Skema Business School, offering a Double Degree. The 4 founding principles of Ferrières’ MSc : Adaptability : graduates easily integrate the employment market Specialization : graduates are rapidly operational Internationalization : graduates are at ease in the global environment Personalization of the curriculum according to students’ chosen area of expertise Ferrières’ MSc 2 programme focuses on the Differentiation and Expertise, with 5 Specializations, including MSc Hospitality Management. 500 hours of courses – 5 month internship – 60 ECTS – Dissertation Outline and Path Ferrières’ MSc outline is unique. In addition to earning 120 European Credits ECTS over 4 semesters, the opening workshops and career centers allow students to strengthen their self-awareness, master their time, their stress and their priorities, as reflected by outstanding professionals. This path is a major asset for a successful integration onto the labor market and for fast career progression. Ferrières’ MSc 2 2 on-campus semesters(autumn-spring) 6-month internship In France or abroad Excellence starts right here. By selecting an educational team of experts in the fields of hospitality and management, who value personal development and reproduce professional conditions within the school, we give all the right keys for students to reach excellence [-]



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