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ESAIP is a Graduate school of Engineering dedicated to:

  • Computer science and networks
  • Safety, environment and industrial risk management

ESAIP is a La Salle school and as such seeks to offer its programmes to students from all walks of life whilst respecting each individual.

Collaborative and project learning are at the heart of our project.

All our students have international experience, both academic and professional, built into their degrees.

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Anjou - Loire Valley

Capital of the historical Anjou region and gateway to the Loire valley, the reputation of Angers hinges around the wealth of its heritage as well as its cultural and economic dynamism.

Enjoy an exceptional living environment

Angers and its region also have a great reputation for the quality of its environment, the famous "douceur Angevine" or mild Angers air and the beauty of its natural sites (the Loire valley is a UNESCO world heritage site).

The agglomeration is also a national competitive cluster « VEGEPOLYS » in the field of research on plant material.

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Angers in brief and in figures

On the outskirts of Angers, a town at the heart of the Loire valley

  • 155,000 inhabitants (283,000 with the agglomeration) - 17th largest French town
  • 48% of inhabitants are under the age of 30
  • 33,000 students of which 5000 from overseas
  • 90 min from Paris
  • 90 min from the Atlantic coast and Nantes airport
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French

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This school also offers:


ICT Management Engineer

Campus Full time September 2017 France Angers

A 3 year programme in French [+]

A 3 year programme in French - Security Intelligent Systems - Connected Devices - Big Data & Data science - Digital Management (+) Professional certifications in our in-house training center [-]

MSS in E-Business & Information Security

Campus Full time September 2017 France Angers

No need to speak French to attend our programs (taught entirely in English), however you will master French and French culture before you Graduate... [+]

No need to speak French to attend our programs (taught entirely in English), however you will master French and French culture before you Graduate. IN BRIEF: A 2 year programme Fall program from September Sping program from March Key modules : Software & Database Engineering Network & Security Management Cultural Integration Intensive French Courses (partnership with CIDEF) 4 certification Packs (1 choice) : Project Manager (ITIL, CMMI) Cyber-Security Expert (CEH, ECSA) Network & Systems Expert (CISCO CCNA, LPI or Windows Server) Mobile Development Expert (Android, IOS or Windows Mobile) MAKE THE DIFFERENCE ON THE MARKET No need to speak French to attend our programs (taught entirely in English), however you will master French and French culture before you Graduate. ESAIP has a unique partnership with the CIDEF French Language center, quality approved by the French State. Even more, you will have a significant experience the French companies and develop unique French Management skills! Furthermore, you will be able to interact with more than 247 million French speaking people in 80 countries located on the 5 continents. ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS Eligibility - Our International MSS is open to candidates holding a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science or related fi elds. Application Deadlines - Fall Program: Application closes July 31. / Spring Program: Application closes January 31st. Application Process - Academic File Evaluation + Online Interview English Proficiency - Internationally recognized standardized tests of English are compulsory for all candidates who are neither native English speakers nor holders of a bachelor’s obtained from an English language institution of higher education. Minimum scores required: TOEFL (minimum score 550 ITP, 213 CBT, 80 IBT) or TOEIC (minimum score 750) or IELTS (minimum score 6.0) French Proficiency - ESAIP’s International MSS is taught exclusively in English. Students are not required to demonstrate French profi ciency upon program start. [-]

Safety, Quality, Environment and Risk Management Engineer

Campus Full time September 2017 France Angers

A 3 year programme in French... [+]

A 3 year programme in French - QHSE - Industrial & Natural Risk management - Energy management - Circular economy [-]


MSc Digital & Big Data for Value

Campus Full time September 2017 France Angers

You are an engineer wishing to complete your knowledge with a high level of web marketing skills? Or an aspiring web marketer wishing to gain data-science abilities? Come and join this M.Sc. to acquire an in demand double competence. [+]

You are an engineer wishing to complete your knowledge with a high level of web marketing skills? Or an aspiring web marketer wishing to gain data-science abilities? Come and join this M.Sc. to acquire an in demand double competence. This programme prepares you to acquire skills such as agility in collecting and analyzing multiple data-sources, in various areas (customer relationship management, communication, risk management, marketing). To achieve this, cross-curricular courses in business intelligence, marketing, communication and statistics combine with practical transversal projects. In a nutshell 450 hours over 2 semesters, 80% in Boulogne-Billancourt (Campus ESSCA) and 20% ESAIP Angers 100% in English Skills: ICT, information systems, mathematics and statistics. A 4-6 month internship A Master’s thesis Objectives “Data is the new black gold” “By 2015, 4.4 million IT jobs globally will be created to support big data,” said Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner “But there is a challenge. There is not enough talent in the industry. Therefore, only one-third of the IT jobs will be filled. Data experts will be a scarce, valuable commodity, Companies are looking for managers who can design and implement effective digital marketing strategies by integrating an analysis of the mass of data produced by connected objects or posted every day on social networks. However, companies are currently struggling to find the specialists they need as there is a real shortage of experts in the field, especially “data-scientists” that is to say IT experts who can use their skills in statistics, mathematics and computer sciences, in marketing. To meet this need, ESSCA, Graduate School of Management and ESAIP Graduate School of Engineering have come together to train high-level executives able to collect, aggregate, store and process data so that management decisions can be based on an intimate knowledge of their clients This will allow them to innovate, imagining tomorrow’s products and services and anticipating new businesses’ needs. Jobs The MSc “Digital & Big Data for Value” leads to a series of jobs Big Data and digital strategy fields. Sectors such as Banking and Insurance, Services, Industries, etc. Here are some of the job titles as an indication he names of various functions are concerned, an indication, the most common names are: As said Peter Sondergaard, puts it “These jobs will be needed to grow your business. These jobs are the future of the new information economy” Data-Scientist & Data Analyst (new jobs, her/his position within the company, is to create value from data), Web-Marketing Manager, Business Intelligence Consultant, Business Intelligence Project Manager, Web strategy Consultant in, Big Data and digital transformation Consultant in, Marketing studies Manager Social Media Manager, Responsible for social networks / Head of Digital Strategy. Skills Graduates are recruited primarily for their scientific skills in order to analyze the data, which serves the needs of CRM. Therefore the main skills that the program will develop are: The ability to translate the language of the marketing department into the language of information systems. Keeping abreast of market developments by the analysis of data. The ability to model a digital strategy, which serves the needs of the marketing department. The ability to present the results accurately, to inform management decisions. The ability to understand the needs of a professional client, to advise and / or support in structuring their corporate data, The ability to enhance the company’s data assets, by business intelligence and data mining technologies. Programme Semester 1 powered by ESSCA Internet and Corporate Strategies Web Technologies Internet and Market Studies Communicating and Selling on the Web E-CRM Semester 2 powered by ESAIP Statistics and Probability Modelling Business Intelligence Big Data Internet of Things Data Driven Projects Internship Duration: 4-6 months. The mission will be the area of specialization of the MSc and prepares candidates for a management position. A company tutor and a school tutor have the responsibility for mentoring. personalised accompagnement ESAIP-ESSCA: Coaching workshops (extra curricula) during the training, Access to the schools internships platforms (2500 partner schools- businesses in France and world-wide), Access to business forums ESSCA & ESAIP, where companies are recruiting students for missions. Fifty companies are present at each event. Master’s Thesis The master’s thesis is an individual piece of work demonstrating the student’s ability to: conceptualize a concrete business problem, to conduct a review of literature related to the subject, implement an experimental protocol during his internship, to produce managerial recommendations. 4 phases: Presentation of a theme, a month after the start of the second semester courses. Presentation of a a review of the “state of the art” at the end of the second semester courses. Submission of final version at the end of the third semester. Defense before a jury composed of company and school tutors (one month after the submission of the final memory) Partner companies Several partner companies and of ESAIP and ESSCA have formalized their support for this program including: Avanade, Business & Decision (member of Alliance Big Data), eYeka, Institut CSA, Luc Durand TP, Micropole, REED MIDEM, SILK Informatique, Thales Services, Vector SAS, VINCI Energies Infrastructures (Axians), CREADS, Société Générale. Admission Entry requirements French Awards Engineering Diploma accredited by the CTI Diploma, from a recognized business school 3rd cycle degree or equivalent qualifications on the list of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles, Diplomas M1 or equivalent Qualifications registered at RNCP Level I International Awards A recognized foreign diploma equivalent to the French awards required above. A derogation, 20% of admissions can be accepted for those holding a Bachelor degree or equivalent, having completed an significant experience in business related to the field of specialization of the MSc . Selection Application form sent to ESSCA and / or ESAIP (written in English) or online Joint Study of admissibility of the candidate. Joint selection of the candidate. Joint interview, to evaluate the professional project (in English). Validation of the application by the selection committee ESAIP-ESSCA Fees Application Fee: 40€ Tuition Fees: 13,000€ Integration Pack + FLE: 1,000€ Language level English, minimum score: TOEFL (ITP 550, 213 CBT, 80 IBT) or 750 TOEIC or IELTS 6.0 French: no minimum level for 100% of courses in English by the selection committee ESAIP-ESSCA Accreditations The Master of Science Digital and Big Data for Value awarded by ESSCA and ESAIP, is an accredited degree by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles. The Master of Science label is a collective trademark, owned by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. Created in 2002, it is intended primarily for international students who wish to complete their training in “grande école “ in France. Only the member schools of the Conference of colleges have the right to use the label and within the limits of the use which has been granted to them for one or more specific programs. [-]


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