EDC Ecole des Dirigeants & Créateurs d’Enterprise


EDC Ecole des Dirigeants & Créateurs d’Enterprise

EDC is a unique business school. It is unique because it belongs of its 240  alumni, all business leaders, who bought out their school in 1995. Driven by the values of solidarity and noticing that in France there was no establishment of higher education really adapted to entrepreneurship, we developed this project to be modern, independent and pragmatic. 

EDC is unique because it is a totally independent school which possesses its own entrance examination. Though academic ability is crucial, the juries also attach great importance to the values that must guide businesses: ambition and respect, drive, a search for excellence, ethics and solidarity.  

Nearly 9 years ago, EDC was the first to give an important place to ethics in businesses by creating the "EDC - Ethique & Gouvernance" Trophy, supported from the outset by the then Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who each year presents an award to business leaders selected by the students.

We have built our reputation on an entrepreneurial spirit, on a desire and ability that we wish to share with our young students. We want to help them become their own bosses, and to develop businesses whether in France or elsewhere, while being driven by an attitude of responsible, creative and proactive entrepreneurship that reflects the image of their school.    

EDC’s educational methods allow students to be immersed into the world of business early on. Our powerful network of former students, with 13 000 graduates, is particularly active in welcoming students and, later, offering them employment. The unanimously recognised quality and loyalty of this network has permitted the creation of  EDC Capital, a fund aimed at assisting students and young graduates who wish to start up their own company; an approach unique in France.    

20% of our graduates start up their own company within five years of graduating from the school.

80% land their first job immediately after obtaining their diploma.

Our original and effective model is now recognised at the highest level. Since the beginning of the 2009, the Bac+5 diploma has been awarded with the level of a Master’s degree ; this supplementary level allows EDC to rank among the top business schools in France, and gives its graduates a greater visibility in Europe and strong international mobility. Since April 2010, EDC is member of the ""Conférence des Grandes Ecoles" , a French association.

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Master Degree Programmes

Campus Full time September 2017 France Paris

EDC as entrepreneurs and business leaders immediately and versatile. To this end, the school develops during the five years of study a sense of responsibility and ability to work ... [+]

Master Degree Programs


EDC as entrepreneurs and business leaders immediately and versatile.

To this end, the school develops during the five years of study a sense of responsibility and ability to work in teams of students through:


- Management courses and general management including developments on issues of entrepreneurship

- Missions businesses throughout the curriculum devoted to issues made by project leaders, managers or entrepreneurs

- Academic research faculty, focusing on entrepreneurship and tools for decision support for managers and executives of SMEs

- A fund of one million euros, EDC Capital, created by & rsq uo; Alumni Association, to fund graduate students and EDC wishing to engage in the creation or resumption of business ... [-]