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Beijing University of Technology (formerly known as Beijing Polytechnic University) was founded in 1960. It is a key university under the administration of the Beijing municipal government, which has established a multi-disciplinary academic structure. The structure offers various programs and also involves in diversified academic research in the fields of science, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts and law. It is ranked as one of the 100 key universities for the 21st century. Its mission is “relying on Beijing, merging into Beijing, inspiring China and orienting itself to the world.” In fulfilling this mission, the university has become a base for cultivating qualified high-level personnel, for scientific and technological innovation and for research and development.

Currently the university has 1,486 full-time teaching staff, including 296 Professors ,(among which 197 are supervisors for PhD candidates),770 Associate Professor or Senior Engineers, 8 academicians,3‘Chang Jiang Scholar Program’ scholar, 5 National Outstanding Contribution specialists,36 specialists enjoying Government Special Allowance, and about 21 international teachers.Currently there are 12,435 undergraduate students and 4,352 postgraduate students. The campus of the university occupies an area of more than 80 hectares and built floor area totaling about 700,000 square meters. Centering around such areas as electronic information, bioengineering and new medicine, optical-mechanical-electronic integration, new materials, environmental protection and resources, urban construction and administration and the requirement of industries, the university has substantially adjusted and optimized its academic structure and established 16 colleges. The fields above are listed as pillar industries characterized by advanced and new technology in Beijing, hence tremendous support from local government. The university offers 43 Bachelor’s Degree programs, 81 Master’s programs, 17 Engineering Master’s Degree programs, 45 Doctor’s Degree programs, 13 postdoctoral research programs. It has 3 State Key Disciplines – Optics,Structural Engineering and Material Sciences respectively, 14 Beijing Key disciplines, 18 disciplines receiving privileged support from Beijing municipality, 2 key labs of Ministry of Education- Key Lab of New Functional Materials and Key Lab of Enhanced Heat Transfer and Energy Conservation respectively, 3 Province-MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) Co-Key Labs, 13 key labs or research bases of Beijing municipality. In addition, the university is home to the National Research Center of Precision and Supprecision Process Engineering, National Center of Laser Processing, Sino-German Center of Laser Technology, Engineering Research Center of Digital Community, Engineering Center of Advanced Manufacture Technology on Automobile Components, Ministry of Education.

Ahead of us, the future unfolds arduous task. Thus, we shall shoulder heavy responsibilities in years to come. Under the leadership of Beijing Municipal Government, all the faculty members and students will seize the strategic opportunity rendered by the 11th 5-year-plan, a key periodical blueprint for the country’s development and the precious opportunity of housing the badminton stadium and rhythmic gymnastics stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games on campus. We will fulfill the scientific concept of development in all frontiers of the university’s reform and expansion—in teaching, scientific research, administration, service and studies and so forth. We will spare no efforts in improving the education that we provide and turning Beijing University of Technology into a top-level university.

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Master Of Sociology

Campus Full time September 2017 China Beijing

Master of Sociology culture needed for China's socialist modernization drive, especially for the cause of social development in Beijing, the capital needed to master the basic principles of Marxism, knowledge of sociological theory and methods, proficient in both qualitative and quantitative social research operating procedures and skills ... [+]

Master of Sociology


College of Humanities beginning of the establishment of the hospital, hired well-known sociologist, served as president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Sociology, former director Professor Lu Xueyi. As an academic leader, Professor Lu Xueyi from the beginning of the establishment of the hospital began to promote the construction of the school sociology from scratch. 2000 the organization of social work undergraduate, undergraduate students enrolled in 2002. 2003 establishment of the "Research Center of Beijing Institute of economic and social development of human resources. The center is cut from a sociological point ofIndustry personnel system reform and capital human resources development and management of research, and reserves the talents of a number of high-level sociology. Beijing University Institute of Sociology in 2005. That same year, the declare social MA in and approved in 2007 for the first time to recruit graduate students 9, more than 30 graduate students at the school. In addition, Professor Lu Xueyi since 2003 on the school management science and engineering doctoral recruitment and training of the doctoral student of social development and social management direction. ... [-]

Master Of Structural Engineering

Campus Full time September 2017 China Beijing

Structural engineering disciplines main research interests include: ① structural health monitoring and repair and reinforcement technology ② The span space structure, (3) of reinforced concrete structures, ④ steel and composite structures, ⑤ structure analysis and optimization of design, (6) urban development decision-making and modern engineering Construction Management ... [+]


Beijing University of structural engineering disciplines in 1981, China's first master's degree granting schools "211 Project" key discipline. Has been the formation of a Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bo ten tutors 12 people, professors and 21 academic and professional titles, including level echelon of the prime of life research in engineering structures, especially the design theory and application of large complex structures engineering of earthquake relief and structural control, structural reliability analysis and safety assessment, structural health clinicFormed its own characteristics and advantages, and reinforcement technology and other fields, many of the results among the leading domestic and reached the international level. Has published monographs and textbooks 40 films, and bear all kinds of research projects of national research and the Natural Science Foundation, the Department of provincial and municipal scientific and technological and natural science fund of more than 100, more than 600 academic articles, the identification results of more than 100 received national and provincial awards of more than 30 PhD, more than 300 graduate students, has contributed to national and Beijing's urban construction and personnel training. The investment of 30 subjectsMillion, is under construction with the structure of the leading domestic and international advanced level load test equipment. ... [-]

Signal And Information Processing Master

Campus Full time September 2017 China Beijing

Master's degree in point of Beijing University of signal and information processing disciplines, the right to grant master's degree in 2000 approved by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the Beijing University of the "211 Project" key construction disciplines, one of the disciplines in Beijing signals and Information Processing Laboratory for relying on annual committed a number of national and municipal level, high-tech ... [+]

Electronic Information and Control Engineering


Electronic Information and Control Engineering, College of the key construction and development of Beijing University of Technology.50 janitors science doctoral, Master of Engineering 253, 38 Master of Engineering, in-service degree 40, 13 of the existing Ph.D. advisor, Master Instructor 50, which well-known semiconductor optoelectronics expert Professor SHEN Guang and a number of well-known experts and professors and young academic leaders come to the fore, also has a number of the prime of young research team, 25 teachers with doctoral degrees, a high level of tutor team. College has two high-tech Key Laboratory and the Department of Education Digital Community ProjectHeart, a good research environment and conditions. Has undertaken and completed 863,973 projects in several countries, the National Natural Science Foundation of NSFC, Beijing Natural Science Foundation, the school will the annual average to nearly a thousand million of research funding, with a strong scientific research strength and teaching conditions. ... [-]