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A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

Game design refers to the creation of digital media in the form of video games, online gaming content and downloadable entertainment applications. Game designers may work for themselves creating original content, or they may create media for companies, businesses, or educational corporations.

France is currently among the 20 best performing countries in terms of the economy due to their excellent results-oriented higher education learning. Most of the courses at universities are offered in the French language. France has 60 public and 100 private universities.

Paris is the most populated city in France and its capital. It has over 2 million residents. It plays host to leading centers of learning and the arts in the European region. Being home to the highest number of highly educated persons, Paris has several prestigious universities in France.

Best Master's in Game Design in the Paris in France

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Campus Full time 1 - 2  September 2017 France Paris

This course allows each student to further develop their skills in the field of video game design. [+]

Master's Degrees in Game Design in the Paris France. This course allows each student to further develop their skills in the field of video game design. PROGRAMME SCHEDULED TO LAUNCH IN SEPTEMBER 2016 The approach of video games as designed by this course at LISAA implies that the students learn about techniques that will allow them to create Physically Based Rendering (PBR) used in AAA video games productions. Students further their skills in directing, development of realist shaders, software use (Substance, Maya...) and Unreal engine, combining 2-D and 3-D techniques for complex projects and optimising a production schedule. This approach leads to an in-depth knowledge of the entire pipeline for 3-D video game production. MASTER-EQUIVALENT QUALIFICATION The 3-D Game Tech course takes place over one year following a bachelor-level qualification in 2-D Video Games or 3-D Video Games from LISAA. It is also open to students from other digital animation schools. Careers 3D Animator Background artist Background designer Character Designer / Artist Character rigger Concept artist Technical director Game designer Level designer Lighting / Rendering artist Modeler / Mapper Compositing operator / editor Props designer Rigger WriterShader artist Technical artist Video games tester / QA tester Texturing artist VFX artist Entry Requirements & Application To be eligible for this course, students must fulfil the following criteria: hold a qualification from LISAA or other digital animation school in VFX, 2-D Animation, 3-D Animation, 2-D Video Games or 3-D Video Games (BAC + 3 Years of further study); have strong skills in drawing, visual design, modelling, set up, animation, rendering; have a good level of English; have already undertaken a work placement in a company in the animation industry. Fees French and EU residents
8 890€ / year [-]